Effect Of Fast Food


UHL2332 Academic Report Writing

Title: Effects of Fast Food to Human Health

Group Member: Lim De Jiang CA09117

Lim Chen Ning CA08063

Siti Aisyah Abd Jalil CA08079

Aishah Che Mohd CA09118

Lecturer: Madam Nik Aloesnita binti Nik Mohd Alwi

Fast Food

• Food that can be prepared and served very quickly or in a short time.

• Example: hamburgers, French fries, hotdogs, rolls and pizza.


• Fast food very popular among the

– Children

– Students

– working class

– old folks

• There are so many fast food restaurants around the world.

• Fast food restaurants are also known as quick service restaurant.

Fast Food Restaurants Logos

Terms of Fast Food

• loaded with calories from refined sugars and fats.

• high in sodium, coming from common salt and others addictive.

• deficient in dietary fibre and essential micro-nutrients like vitamins and minerals.


• To identify the effects of taking too much fast food.

• To guide people to have a healthy lifestyle.

• To help to reduce the health problem of people nowadays.

Research Question

• What do you know about the effects of fast food?

• How well do you know about the healthy lifestyle?

• What solutions do you think can help to reduce the health problem nowadays?

Effect Of Fast Food

Composition – Fat

Good fat

- are contained in natural non-animal products

- help your metabolism run efficiently.

Bad fat

- animal fats, palm oil, coconut

- give bad effect to our body

Effects – Obesity , heart problem , and hypertension

Effect Of Fast Food

• Composition – Salt

- Can have a detrimental effect on health because when levels in the body are too high, it can cause you to retain water, which some experts believe is also linked to high blood pressure.

• Effect – High Blood Pressure

Effect Of Fast Food

• Composition – chemical and preservative

- almost fast food have preservative

- The fast food industry has added every chemical possible that they can legally get away with to addict people to their food.

• Effects – cancer, thickness of arteries

Why People Choose Fast

Food ?


- Many student do not have big pocket .

- So, it is good to get something tasty to eat and still have some money left .

- Nowadays, there are many attractions made by fast food franchises such as package, free gift and coupon.

Why People Choose Fast

Food ?


• People eat fast food because it is salty and delicious and somewhat addictive.

• A lot of people become addicted to it. The food has so many chemicals added to it that people literally crave fast food in the end if they eat it often enough.

Why People Choose Fast

Food ?


• The brilliant thing about fast food was that it was really fast and convenient.

• Some of us in studying and working world today really have no time to eat.

• Its save their time and more easier than cooking.

Result & Discussion

• In order to obtain the answer for Research

Question (RQ), we have conducted closeended questionnaire to 60 UMP students of different faculties.

• The questionnaire consists of 10 simple but important question that able to collect precious data for our study.

• After that, we carefully organize and analyze the data.

• Then we convert it into graph and interpret each graph.

RQ 1: Do You Know The Effects of Fast


N o


1 obesity

2 high blood pressure

3 diabetes 39

4 kidney problem 29

5 cancer

6 cardiovascular problem

7 hypertension




Respond ents



8 gallbladder

9 osteoarthritis

10 others




• Based on this graph, majority of UMP students think that obesity is the most common effect of taking fast food.

• This may because that they know fast food contains more total and saturated fat.

• According to the study conducted by Bowman et al (2004), they believed that fast food and dietary factors contribute to the obesity prevalence among children and adolescents aged from

4 to 19 years old.

• Through to the study, children and adolescents who consumed fast food consumed more total and saturated fat, more total carbohydrate and added sugars, less dietary fibers, and more energy per gram of solid food.

• It can be concluded that the obesity is the most regular effects of fast food among the students.

RQ 2: How Well Do You Know about the Healthy Lifestyle?

No Regularity

1 Once a week 24


2 Once a month 21

3 Others 12

4 Everyday 2

5 Twice per day 1


• The graph shows that majority of UMP students love eating fast food from their regularity of taking fast food.

• It can be concluded that most of UMP students do know well about the healthy lifestyle as their regularity of taking fast food is not frequent.


• As we can see, the majority of the students choose No as their opinion and the rest choose Yes as their opinion.

• This clearly indicates that most of the students agreed that fast food did not provide nutrients to human body.

• It can be concluded that UMP students know there is no nutrient that can be provided in fast food to human.


No Composition Respondents

1 Salt 54

2 Fat

3 Cholesterol



4 Carbohydrate

5 Sugar

6 others




• As we can see, most of UMP students know that salt is the highest composition that contained in fast food, the second highest is fat and followed by cholesterol, carbohydrate, sugar, and others.

• It can be concluded that most of UMP students know how to balance their intake of fast food based on their knowledge of the composition contained in fast food and it also can help them to follow the healthy lifestyle concept.

RQ 3: Do You Know the

Consequences of Taking Fast Food?

No Solution Respondents

1 decrease the consumption rate of fast food 35

2 strengthen your own will to resist yourself from eating fast food 15

3 consume other nutrients balanced food instead of fast food

4 others



• Based on this graph, most UMP students think that decreasing the consumption rate of fast food is the best solution to reduce the effects of fast food to their own health.

• This is because most of them knew that taking fast food frequently can bring many harmful effects to their health.

• This solution also mentioned in Manohar (2008) study that consumer needs to look for healthier menu of fast foods and also minimizing the intake of fast food.

• The next solution is consuming other nutrients balanced food instead of fast food which chose by 29 UMP students.

• They chose this solution because taking other nutrients balanced food can bring more nutrients to their health.


• Moreover, taking nutrients balanced food is a good eating lifestyle.

• Besides having a nutrients balanced food, having a good lifestyle likes exercise every weeks also helps to reduce the bad effects of fast food to health.

• From the article by Idris, M. S. M. (2005), he said that parents must also guard and educate their children to choose healthy food because children do not know about content or ingredients in the food that they took.


• Next, 15 students choose to strengthen their own will to resist themselves from eating fast food.

• They chose this solution because it will help them decrease their consumption rate of fast food. In Manohar

(2008) study, he also suggested that trying to set the mind that those fast foods can bring a bad effects to health.

• It can be concluded that decreasing the consumption rate of fast food is the most effective and best way to reduce the bad effects of fast food to health.

End of Result & Discussion


Limitation & Suggestion


• Scope of the research

• Only focus on human health

• Our group did not conduct any experiment on the effects of fast food to human health.


• Focus more on children, academic and non academic staff, foreign students and lecturers.

• Focus more on food industry, country economy and environment.

• Do a research on whether the consumption of fast food that will affect the Body Mass Index(BMI) score.


• Too often eat fast food leads to many health hazards.

• One of serious global issues.

• One should aware about this issue.

• Reduce the regularity taking fast food and start eat in healthier way.

• Having a good lifestyle such as do an exercise 20 minutes a day.

Thank You