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Keeping well & warm
this winter
Lifestyle Services
Alan Jarvis
Head of Adult Lifestyle Services
Fran Hancock
Health Promotion Specialist for Older People
Lifestyle Services
• Promote Positive Health
Health promotion is a process of enabling people to exert control
over the determinants of health & thereby improve their health.
This is achieved by:
Practiced bespoke strategies
Enabling people to take action
Develop skills to achieve & maintain positive change
Take an holistic approach to health
Lifestyle Services
Lifestyle choices are the strongest determinants of many chronic diseases,
including coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. It is these
“chronic diseases of lifestyle” that are responsible for most of the avoidable
morbidity & mortality of the Walsall population.
The focus of all Lifestyle Services is to increase life expectancy and mental well
being, through a programme of health improvement targeting areas with
poorest health outcomes to reduce health inequalities.
Lifestyles services, works in partnership across the health economy in Walsall
to deliver a wrap around model that aims to address the health needs of the
Walsall population resulting in a positive patient experience
Call Lifestyle Link on 01922 444044
Older People’s Service
Promotes healthy ageing by supporting people over 65, focusing on
physical activity, nutrition, falls prevention, 5 ways to wellbeing,
and social inclusion. Also responsible for National campaigns such as
Falls awareness Week and Older People’s Day.
Mobility & wellbeing exercise Stan Ball Centre, Tuesdays 11.00 – 11.45am
Work with community groups & organisations
1:1 client work
Brief advice
Local events
Falls Awareness Week
Older People’s Day
Pilot projects such as Walking Football & Nintendo Wii
This winter 24,000 older people could die
from the cold - that’s 200 preventable deaths
a day.
So what can we do to help older people stay
warm and well?
Key health messages for keeping
well and warm
Ask your family, friends or neighbours
to call or visit you more often if a
period of cold weather stops you
Getting out and about
Eat the right balance
of foods to get the
nutrients you need.
Keep yourself as
physically active as
Dress in plenty of layers &
wear warm shoes with
non slip soles.
Order repeat
prescriptions in plenty of
time, particularly if bad
weather is forecast.
Follow your GPs advice
to have a flu jab.
Keeping Physically Active
Recommended Guidelines
• Any activity better than none
• Older adults should aim to be active daily
• 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of moderate intensity
activity over a week
• Activity to improve muscle strength on 2 days a
• Those at risk of falls - activity to improve balance
and co-ordination on at least 2 days a week
• Minimise amount of time spend being sedentary
(sitting) for long periods.
Awareness Raising Events:
Age UK’s Bobble Day
Friday 7 February 2014
Help Age UK to 'Warm up Britain‘
by raising awareness, making winter
a better season for older people
Age UK Advice Line: 0800 169 65 65
Thank you for listening
Alan Jarvis –
Head of Adult Lifestyle Services
0121 568 4368
[email protected]
Fran Hancock Health Promotion Specialist for Older People
0121 568 4356
[email protected]
Lifestyle Link – 01922 444044
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