What is Stress? “Why do you ask?” Because, if you don`t know what


What Stress


When asked to define stress, most people describe events involving… work, finances, people who challenge/bother them, etc.

But, that doesn’t really define stress at a basic level...

Here’s an Official Definition:

Stress is the non-specific response of the body to any perceived demand.

“…a reaction in your mind and body to an event in the outside world that alarms or arouses you.”

EMS Stress: An Emergency Responder’s

Handbook for Living Well

That Non-Specific Response:

° Your heart beats faster

° You breathe faster

° You feel an adrenaline rush

° You muscles tighten up

° Blood moves from the center of your body to your limbs

° Your pupils dilate

How We Fail to Manage Stress

If I ignore it, it will go away…

“It” may, but there will likely be more right behind it...

How We Fail To Manage Stress

“Other people cause my stress.”

– YOU can control YOUR response to other people

“Next time, I’ll do it differently.”

– Unless YOU plan to change what you do and learn new skills, chances are you’ll do the same thing…

How We Fail To Manage Stress

“If I just push myself a little harder…”

Physical and mental health is the basic foundation of all stress management

First of all...

Stress management works best when it is a lifestyle and not a response to a particular event

Does that mean I need to be aware of stress management techniques everyday??

Only if you want to be good at it!!


Physical health is the basis for all good things…

Yes, eating right, sleeping right, and getting moderate exercise are the building blocks of good stress management...


What do you think you have the most control over?

You CAN Change YOURSELF..!!

Remember, stress related demand is usually determined by our lack of lifestyle skills or our experience using the skills we have


You CAN Change Yourself …Really!!

Take an inventory of your lifestyle skills and decide whether you need to learn new skills or practice the ones you have so you are better at them