TRAX Powerpoint

For Schools with Grade 10-12 Only
Starts at 1:30pm
 You have completed a 1701 report through BCeSIS
 If not, we have recorded a session recently and it can be
viewed in our forums
 You have scheduled courses with the correct course code for
each student
 How to produce a TRAX extract in BCeSIS
 Scenarios schools will encounter for reporting TRAX
 Deferrals
 Refusals for an Optional Exam
 Rewrites
 Q-Codes (Equivalency)
 Adult Programs
Preparing for TRAX
 Ensure all students are registered
 Home School or Cross Enrolment set correctly
 Diploma Types are correctly set
 School → Mass Updates → Mass Update Multi-Value
2 Potential Tasks
Credit Details Screen
Standardized Test Screen
 The basic BCeSIS TRAX logics are:
When a Prov. Exam. Course is added to a Student’s course selection, a
Standardized Test Record is created
When a Prov. Exam course is dropped, so is the Standardized Test
A course is added to credit details. A STR must be manually created if
the course is Provincially Examinable
Scenarios - Deferrals
 A deferral is when a student chooses NOT to write an exam at this time but MAY decide
to write the exam later.
Scenarios – Adult Refusal
 Refusal is an adult student that chooses NOT to write an optional exam
Scenarios - Rewrites
Adding Course to Credit Details
Student’s Homeschool not in BCeSIS
 It is the student’s homeschool’s responsibility to submit the TRAX
record for the student
 Enter marks or add course in Credit Details
 Enter a Standardized Test if applicable
 Set the reason to “Transfer”
Scenarios – Q-Codes
 For students that have taken a course outside of BCeSIS.
 Steps:
Add course(s) to Cr. Details.
If it is a Prov. Exam Course, you must also enter the test
into Standardized Tests.
Change the “how taken” field to “Equivalent”
TRAX Extract
 Reports → 15 Exports → BC TRAX Extract
 3 files have been created
1. DEM – Demographic
2. CRS – Courses
3. XAM – Exam
Upload these 3 files to the Ministry site
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