Table 3-4: Project Charter - video game delivery project

Larry Laus
CPS 612 (CRN 22089089)
Software Project Management
Part One – Project Integration Management
Task Four: Project Charter
Project Charter for Video Game Delivery Project
Prepared by: Larry Gusto
Date: Oct. 3, 2009
Project Title: Video Game Delivery
Project Start Date: October 1, 2009 Projected Finish Date: October 1, 2010
Budget Information: $500,000.00
Project Manager: Larry Gusto, 410.123.4567.,
Project Objectives: The Video Game Delivery project involves developing a web-based
application and support structure to provide customers with video games on a monthly
rental basis. Members will be able to use the application to order video games online,
receive the games via express mail, return those games via express mail, and keep
receiving additional games. Only sports and educational games will be stock as market
research suggested, but games would be available for all types of platforms, including
popular gaming systems, computers, and learning systems used in preschools and
elementary school. The web application will include international services, providing
information and products in several different languages. The system must be very userfriendly, providing customers the ability to search for specific games by platforms, age
and gender appropriateness, customer reviews, sport (for sport-related games),
language and so on. Customers must be able to order the video games, track delivery
and return of video games, pay online or via other methods (including credit or debit
card, check, school payment systems, other electronic payment system, etc.) and write
reviews of the games they rent. The system must be also be able to track referrals to
the site from corporate partners and customers, display advertisements, and track
customer usage patterns.
 Develop survey to determine critical features of the online service
 Research internal laws and regulations for shipping and receiving merchandize to
international address
 Research middleware to leverage express mail applications for tracking
Roles and Responsibilities
Contact Information
Lori Lane
VP of marketing,
TRAX Int’l
Project Manager
Larry Gusto
TRAX Int’l
Senior Consultant
Gaurav Smith
ABC Corp
IT Team member
IT Team member
Marketing Lead
Marketing Member
Purchasing Spec
Julie May
Matt Redondo
Najwa Eurechpa
Magda Robert
John Will
Nora Stanch
TRAX Int’l
TRAX Int’l
TRAX Int’l
TRAX Int’l
TRAX Int’l
Sign-off: (Signatures of all above stakeholders. Can sign by their names in table above.)
Comments: (Handwritten or typed comments from above stakeholders, if applicable)
“I will utilize all necessary tools and techniques to help ensure success of this project.” –
Gaurav Smith
“I will negotiate the most economically sensible transactions to help the project stay
within budget.” – Nora Stanch
“Either one or both of us will always be available to provide technical support until the
completion of this project.” – Matt Redondo and Najwa Eurechpa