MPPTO Fundraising 2011 -2012

Dinner Dance
Box Tops
Book Fair
Holiday Market
Cookie Sale
Thank you for your generous donations !
The Dinner Dance
• Historically raises over $10,000
• Requires months of preparation – soliciting gifts from
donors (both MP families and local businesses)
• Relies on your participation and generosity – Thanks!
What do we spend this money on?
Welcome Back
Teacher Grants
Promethean Board
Author Visit
Hobby Day
We also provide …
Bowling Party
End of Year Party
5th Grade Luau
Cultural Arts Programming
Jonathan Sprout- Heroes One Concert
Seth Reichgott – The Appalachian Tale
Jeff Blum – Be a Peacemaker
Exit 9 Percussion Group
American Indian Dancers
African Acrobats
Holly Rock Brain Challenge
In Class Professional Programming
2nd grade Martin Luther King Assembly
2nd Grade Rocks and Minerals
In Class Professional Programming
3rd grade Martin Luther King Assembly
3rd grade Legends of the Night Sky
In Class Professional Programming
4th grade Colonial Crafts
4th grade Animals and their Habitats
4th grade Holocaust Survivor Testimonial
In Class Professional Programming
5th grade BJ Ward Poetry Workshop
5th grade Weekly Yoga Classes
Your monetary donations
and your countless
volunteer hours are what
make the Mountain Park
PTO a success.