U Kyaw Myint Law Firm - Myanmar Legal Aid Network

Presented by Aung Kyaw Lin
International Business Centre, Yangon
22nd September, 2013
Founded in 2006
 To provide law knowledge to the people
 Free legal assistant to the poor
 expoture trip to Philippines
 Paralegal
 Paralegal Trainings
 Capacity Building Trainings for Young Lawyers
2008 Constitution
South East Asia Legal Aid Network (SEALAW)
meeting (Indonesia)
Founding member of (SEALAW)
 Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and
Strengthening the Rule of Law Workshop
Myanmar Legal Aid Network (M LAW)
 U Kyaw Myint Law Firm
 Paung Ku Civil Society Network
 Lawka Ahlinn Social Network
 Key Population Network
 Justice for All
 Legal Affairs
 Youth Legal Clinic
To study Legal Aid System in South Africa
Representative from Government Offices
Social organizations
Legal Aid Act
To help the disadvantages people
Support from the Government
 Yangon
Justice Center
 Satellite Office in Kayan township
 FK exchange Program
 to publish Community - based paralegal,
practitioner’s Guide
 to publish Myanmar Law Handbook
 Library
To firmly establish the “Rule of Law” in
Myanmar covering to all sectors of society in
the whole country.