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AMW CV - Copy

Hlegu Township,Yangon, Myanmar
Sejong University
I am Aye Mar Win, have been working Plant Tissue Culturist in Bio-Growth Company
Limited. I have completed a bachelor degree course in Biotechnology and Tissue Cultural
Sciences from Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar. Also, I have two years and eight
months of experience as a Technical Assistant of Plant Tissue Culture.
The subjects in my graduation provided my key insights in Plant Tissue Culturing.
These aspects have provided me with a strong base for studying the master’ course in Plant
Tissue Cultural Sciences. Therefore, I am applying for a Master’s Degree in Plant Tissue
Culture Science which is offered by your reputed collage. Your highly educated and
experienced staff, exceptional training facilities and fully fledged practical rooms of your
colleagues have also influenced my decision to a great extent.
I assure you that I will adhere to all the rules set by your collage at all times. Moreover,
I am an ardent follower and believer in technology which supplements my learning skills in a
significant way. Therefore, I request you to consider my application.
Yours sincerely,
Yours Signature,
Miss Aye Mar Win.
Other Skills
-Fair English Language in Four skills as I learnt all subjects by English
Language along the five years University Student Life.
-Basic Computer ( Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Excel)
Personal Info
Aye Mar Win
Phone - +95 9794878004
-To be a Professional Tissue Culturist who can support Farmer by using
new technology.
Activities and Researches
Email- ayemarwin296@gmail.com
Current Address - No. (687), Shwe
Hnin Se Ward 2, Kyunggyi
Compound, Hlegu Township,
- Demonstrated at Farmer Field School with Department of Agriculture
Organization ( YinMaBin Township) during four months Internship
Yangon, Myanmar, 11371.
-Researched “Genetic Modified Organisms ( Bt Cotton )” by individual .
NRC No – 5/PLN(N) 133882
-Researched “Mutation Variation Analysis of Tomatoes as affected by
Gender- Female
Date of birth -12.4.1998
Education Background
Gamma Ray” as “Special Research Project” by Group.
Working Experiences
-B.Agr.Sc ( Bachelor of Agricultural
- from November15th, 2019 to the present.
- At Bio-Growth Company Limited (Plant Tissue Culture Services)
-Have graduated at 29 December,
2019 from Yezin Agricultural
University (from 2015 to 20119).
-Specialized “Agricultural
Biotechnology” as a major.
- Position – As a Technical Assistant.
I did a lot of initial researches such as what chemical can pass
contaminations in surface sterilization of many crops like Banana,
Pineapple, Mango, Thanakha etc. And I also did hardening of Tissue
Orchid, Banana and Pineapple plantlets. And I also did as a Sale