SEAMEO CHAT: Myint Myint Ohn

Ms Myint Myint Ohn
Thiri Hall, Pyay Road
Yangon 11041, Myanmar
To promote cooperation in the study of history and traditions
among Member Countries and the development of a greater
regional identity through research, human resource development,
education and public awareness programmes
our motto is …
researches connected to seminars and
field related researches, the study on
one’s traditions
resource development and capacity
curriculum development projects
• Myanmar History from Myanmar Perspectives
• Lectures Series on history and traditions of Southeast Asia countries
• Research Projects on Southeast Asia History and Culture
• Traditional Festivals of Southeast Asia
Myanmar History from Myanmar Perspectives
• with the aim of bringing about an understanding of the history and culture of
Southeast Asia as studied and interpreted by its own scholars, CHAT has
conducted the programme annyally since 2002.
• participants not only form the region but also from outside the region.
• Japan History from Japanese Perspectives
• Lecture Series : Traditions of Japan (with exhibits)
•Japan Institutes joining our MHMP
• Expert Dispatch Programme