World Geography – Unit 10 – 29


World Geography – Unit 10 – 29.3 PPT Notes: Southeast Asia Today

The countries of Southeast Asia have different levels of _____________________________________

_________________ and ________________________ are very poor countries.

Myanmar is very rich in _____________________________________

But the ________________________________ there has kept the country ________________ and they have remained poor.

The capital of Myanmar is Yangon

Also called ________________________

Aung San Suu Kyi

Is an ___________________ of the military dictatorship in Myanmar. She is working for

________________________ there. She won the ____________________________________ – but has been under ________________________ since the early 1990’s.

___________________________ is the most developed country in Southeast Asia.

Its capital is _______________________

Bangkok is an ancient city that mixes the modern and traditional.

The city has over ______________________ – Buddhist temples that serve as ____________________

The capital of Vietnam is _________________

The largest city in Vietnam is __________________________________________

Phnom Penh

Is the ________________ of _________________________

The capital of _____________ is



All Southeast Asia countries are ____________________________ of the

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Founded in ___________________ to promote __________________________________________

________________________________- among the ASEAN nations