In my ideal world

In my ideal world...
By Children Looked After in Carmarthenshire
My Ideal foster carer
Is always there for me
Talks to me when I have a problem
Is reliable and responsible
Doesn’t make a big deal out of a
small problem
• Treats me the same as their kids
My Ideal foster carer
• Tells me when I am doing something
wrong so that I can do it right
• Helps me with my homework
• Helps me get to clubs and activities
• Is loyal and will speak up for me
• Loves me and cares about me
My Ideal Foster Carer
• Is helpful and caring and has time to
• Gives me praise when I have been
• Makes me nice meals and looks
after me
• Plays with me
My Ideal Social Worker
• Is someone I can discuss my problems
• Is a good listener
• Is thoughtful and caring
• Is reliable and honest
• Is always on time and keep their
My Ideal Social Worker
• Would help me find something out
about my past
• Tells me what is going on, even if
nothing is
• Helps me have my say at meetings
• Calls me when I do something good
My Ideal Social Worker
• Gives me a break if I’ve made a
• Gives me choices
• Helps me plan for my future
• Is there when I need them
• Treats me with respect
The Ideal Foster Child
Is able to say how they feel
Will listen to their carer
Is prepared to give and take
Will talk to their social worker about problems
at the foster home
Attends school regularly
Has opinions and expresses them calmly
Keeps promises
Is honest
The Ideal Foster Child is...
• Polite
• Trustworthy
• Kind
• Helpful
• Not violent or aggressive
• Well behaved
• Fun
And doesn’t smoke in the house!
Ideal Foster home
Is a smoke free home
Is clean and tidy
Has a garden
Is nice and warm
Has a TV and internet connection
Has people with similar values and beliefs
Has somewhere safe to put my belongings
In my ideal world...
By Children Looked After in Carmarthenshire