Jesper Norda Portfolio

Jesper Norda (b. 1972) has a background as a musician but half way trough his training
to become a composer he changed into visual art. In 2002 he graduated with an MA from
Konsthögskolan Valand in Gothenburg. Since then he has been working both with music
and visual art. In both art forms with the same artistic consistency. In his visual art practice
he expands the conceptual base into simple spatial operations made up of objects, text
or light, sometimes linked to popular culture and sometimes linked to entirely personal
”A main thread in Jesper Norda’s artistry is a constant questioning of the borderlines between sound and silence. The visual and the sounding materials are juxtaposed in conceptually challenging ways. Even if his works look and sound quite differently from theirs, he
is probably the Swedish sound artist that is closest to the conceptual tradition of artists like
La Monte Young, John Baldessari and Sol LeWitt. In the focusing on the real and factual,
in the reduction of expressions down to only a few, where there arises a friction between the
room and the emptiness. But the complexity that is the effect of this has not so much to do
with theoretical questions, it gains it strength from an everyday listening, a communicative
form of address, not least noticeable in the many works that take text as its starting point.”
- Magnus Haglund
1998-02 Valand school of fine arts, Göteborg
1996-98 Göteborg college of music (composition)
2014 Ur Kinderszenen (No. 13) av Robert Schumann, Konstepidemin, Göteborg
2013 Silent structures, Gislaveds Konsthall
2013 Torch/Other precipitates, Svilova, Göteborg
2013 Explosion clock, Karlskrona konsthall
2012 Right hand - Left hand, In dialogue with the collections, Göteborgs Konstmuseum
2012 The Goldberg Variation, Örebro Konstfrämjande
2010 Dip to black, Skup palet, Hey its enrico palazzo, Göteborg (with Sara Lännerström).
2009 Tystnadens mittpunkt (The centre of silence), Kalmar Konstmuseum
2009 Heart of the matter, Sandvikens Konsthall
2005 Tear Gravity, Galleri Mors Mössa, Göteborg
2004 Smaller than the sun, Åkerby Skulpturpark, Nora (with Johannes Heldén).
2001 BREAKDOWN, Galleri Rotor, Göteborg
2013 Chopin hours / Still sun, Röselidskolan, Lerum
2014 Skankaloss, Gagnef-festivalen
2013 Refest, Culturehub, New york
PATCH, Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow
Inner / Outer Realms, Galleri Rotor, Göteborg
TWEAKS, Nordiska Akvarellmuséet
Artline, Karlskrona, Digital performance festival, Karlskrona
Doc Lounge, Stora teatern, Göteborg
2012 The sound of IT 3, Garage 4141, San Diego
Rapport 2012:1, Peter Eccher, Galleri Box
2010 Celeste prize, Invisible dog, New York
Swedish conceptual art, Kalmar konstmuseum
Ta plats! Kulturhuset, Stockolm
2009 Look Twice, Färgfabriken Norr, Östersund
2008 KMAS, Rosenlunds sjukhus, Stockholm
2007 Ljudrum, Mälardalens högskola, Eskilstuna
Skankaloss, Gagnef
2006 Frispel, Sveriges Radio P3
2005 Ignite Festival, Auckland, New Zeeland
2004 Force Majeure, Galleri Box Kungshöjd, Göteborg
d>art04, Sydney opera house gallery space, Australia
Thailand new media art festival MAF-04, Bangkok
2003 Thailand new media art festival MAF-03, Chiang Mai
Recycle! Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Breathe - 3, Röda Sten, Göteborg, with Jannah Loontjens
iDEAL-festival, Nefertiti, Göteborg, with Johannes Heldén
2002 Fem Val, Samling Saltarvet, Fiskebäckskil
MFA Gradutaes of Valand, Göteborgs konsthall
MFA Gradutaes of Valand, Galleri Enkehuset, Stockholm
2001 Basen, Båtsmanskasernen, Karlskrona
One night stand, Galleri Overgaden, Copenhagen
2000 Artgenda 2000, Helsinki, Finland
Breathe-2, Göteborg/Cape Town
1999 Make a memory, Alma Lövs Museum, Värmland
Jopa, Konstakuten, Stockholm
POOL, Galleri 54, Göteborg
The piano (light stones and chorales, the blackwhite noise and other stories)
piano solo, 88 movements (variable duration)
Horizon release (version for tape and amplified piano) (duration around 10 min.)
Chopin hour (for 2 piano, duration 1 hour)
Ground (the flicker, the cycles, the bells, the waves) (variabel duration)
16 sinewaves with indivudal volume controls / two performers, mixer table
The Goldberg Variation / Bach clock (12 hours and 25 minutes or variable duration)
for one, two or more pianists
1995 - 2002
One day/one week/one month/3 months in a space of 30 minutes / Butterfly (30 min.)
tape. First performance, october 2002, Amok/koma, Unga Atalante, Göteborg.
Angelägenheter I+II (1998, revised 2014) (5 min.)
string orchestra. First performance 8th of september 1998 by Musica Vitae, Växjö.
Försöker få din/min kropp att svara (12 gånger) (10 min.)
sinfonietta. First performance 26th of february 1998, Artisten. Conductor: Einar Nilsen.
Kammare (8 min.)
bass clarinet/clarinet, cello, double-bass
First performance 4th of april 1997, Nutida musik dagar i Göteborg.
Tre (6 min.)
soprano, piano. First performance, 2nd of may 1996 by Ingela Tägil, Kalmar Cathedral.
Wonderful thing (10 min.)
violoncell solo.
First performance 22nd of november 1995 by Jonas Franke-Blom, Unga Atalane, Göteborg.
Jugendlied (7 min.)
boy soprano, accordeon, crotales
First performance 23rd of october 1995, NUTIMUS-festival, Malmö.
Swedish Radio P2 recording.
2007 Knaster Music for danceperformance by Kulturlabbet, with Martin McFaul.
2005 Bangkoking, videoinstallation by Nira Pereg, Day Labour, PS1, New York, USA
Spironanodietoms Thailand new media art festival, Bangkok, with Christian Hogue.
2004 Spironanodietoms DOTMOV Festival, Sapporo, Japan, wtih Christian Hogue.
2002 Green Nalen Stockholm & Umeå Jazzfestival, with Staffan Mossenmark, Anders
Jormin and Mats Bergström.
Guest teacher, Gerlesborgskolan
Guest teacher, konstskolan Dômen
Guest teacher, KV konstskola
Guest teacher, Academy of music and drama, Göthenburg
Guest teacher, konstskolan Dômen
Guest teacher, KV konstskola
Guest teacher, Gerlesborgskolan
Opponent, Jing Feng Fang Master, HDK, Göteborg
Opponent, ljudkurs, Filmhögskolan, Göteborg
Opponen, Andreas Eklöf, Master, Musikhögskolan, Göteborg
2002 - 2006 Lecturer, Valand school of fine arts, Göteborg, Sweden
2004 Guest teacher, University of Skövde, Sweden
2003 Guest teacher, Iceland school of fine arts
Nordiska Akvarellmuséet
2006 - 2013 Sound and music producer, Kokokaka (
2004 - 2005 Consultant, Volvo Technology (Sound-projects/sound-design)
2003 - 2004 Artist in residence (AIRIS), Volvo Technology
2010 April archives collection no 1, April archives
2009 Horizon release, Ideal recordings
2006 Tear gravity, KNING DISK
2008 Spheres/Duo Sparf, Daphne
2007 Perceptions of Time/Mats Bergström solo, Caprice
2005 DOTMOV 2004 festival collection, IDNPro
2002 Escortic Joynt (Trio escort) on Mats Bergström soloalbum, BIS
2008 Allt är kvar, Ideal recordings
2008 Välfärdsbilder - svensk film utanför biografen, SLBA
2004 Karlskrona, Texst, Konstfack
2002 9 försök att ändra på händelseförloppet, Fabrik,nr 1
2002 Övervinna sakerna och göra dom vanliga igen, Marie Norin, Ord och Bild nr 1
2014 The Swedish Art Grants Committee’s two year working grant
Västra Götalandsregions kulturstipendium
2009 The Swedish Art Grants Committee’s two year working grant
2005 The Swedish Art Grants Committee’s one year working grant
2004 Åkerby Skulpturpark
Karlskrona Kulturstipendium
2003 Göteborgs Kulturstipendium
2002 Samling Saltarvet
Eric Ericsson
2001 Otto and Charlotte Mannheimer
The Swedish Art Grants Committee (project)
2000 Karlskrona kulturstipendium
1995 NUTIMUS-festival first price in composition contest
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