Bahaus (1919-1933) - Currituck County Schools

By: Kanyon and Brian
Impact of Movement
• The Bahaus art movement made a huge
impact on modern design.
• The movement was based upon the belief
that the machine economy could create
elegantly designed items for the masses.
• This was during the Modern art
movement, which it affected dramatically.
• Was founded in 1919 by Walter Gropious.
Wassily Kandisky
• (1866-1944)
• In 1871 he moved to Odessa where his father
ran a tea factory.
• Painter, printmaker, and theorist.
• His parents didn’t see him going into the art field,
they foresaw him as a lawyer.
• Painting was above all deeply spiritual.
• One of his most famous pieces of art is “In the
Gray” it was an oil canvas painting and was
eventually hung in an art museum in Paris,
“In The Gray”
In this picture he uses
abstract form to lead
your eye across the
canvas to the focal point.
All his abstract imagery
is casted upon a grey
background. (hints the
name in grey). The use
of primary colors makes
the objects really pop on
top of the gray
In Blue
Composition VIII
Walter Gropious
• (1883-1969)
• He was born in tu madre’ and grew up to
become a German architect and founder of a
worldwide art movement
• He was the founder of the Bauhaus art
movement in 1919.
• He influenced the art world by bringing the
international style into existence.
• One of his most famous pieces is a sculpture
called “March of Heros”.
Brian is GAY
“March of heros”
Door Handles
F 51 Sofa
The F 51 Sofa is an
abstracted form of a
couch. It has very
sleek edges and a
modern look the use
of contrast between
the black and red
really makes the sofa
a noticeable piece of
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
• July 20, 1895 – November 27, 1946
• Laszlo Moholy-Nagy is arguably one of the greatest
influences on post-war art education in the United
• A modernist and a restless experimentalist from the
outset, the Hungarian-born artist was shaped by Dada,
Suprematism, Constructivism, and debates about
• His interest in photography encouraged his belief that
artists understanding of vision had to modernize and
Composition Z VIII
Poster series
Self Portait
This is one of my favorite
paintings my MoholyNagy. I like the way he
used his lines to add
detail. He didn’t fully
complete the coloring of
the picture and made it
have a quick sketch look.
I like these style paintings
better than his abstract
art, because I feel like
this is where he shines
Societal Influences
• The Bauhaus movement was entirely
influenced by the German Art School
referred to as “Bauhaus” hints the name
the “Bauhaus Movement”.
• The style of art in this movement is based
off of the principles of the 19th century
English designer William Morris.
• The Bauhaus style of art was later known
as “International style”.
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Grey) (March of heros)