Junior Beta Club Competitions

Junior Beta Club Competitions
Theme – “Rockin’ The Country”
BE CREATIVE! You have mostly
free reign on anything you make
in the categories in this box!
Photography (Color)
Photography (Black and White)
Photography (Digitally enhanced)
Oil and Acrylic Painting
Sketching with Pastels/Charcoals
Sketching with pen/pencil/ink
Handmade Jewelry
Recyclable Art
Wreath – on Theme
Multiple Choice Subject Tests
Social Studies
Language Arts
Spelling Bee
Math (prefer if in Geo. or Alg II)
Quiz Bowl – team of 4, 2 alternates, need practice team too**
Speech – on Theme (written in advance)**
Essay – on Theme (written in advance)
Technology – Theme – “Beta is Service” (created in advance)
Book Battle – need to read 10 – 12 books
Poetry – on Theme (written at convention)
(** means oral competition – do it out loud!)
Banner – on Theme (created in advance)
Poster – (created by group of 3-4 at convention)
Living Literature – create a 10 foot by 12 foot set of a scene
from a book and pose in costume in it, frozen, for 5 minutes
Tower of Power – build tallest possible tower from
200 straws in 30 minutes that holds tennis ball
T-shirt Design – on Theme – needs to be done
soon so we can order t-shirts for the group!
Scrapbooking - scrapbook the entire
last year of activities the club did
Spotlight Your Club – create a tri-fold poster
that shows the great things our club does
Competitions that REQUIRE group work
(before/after school or weekend meetings)
Quiz Bowl
Living Literature
Tower of Power
Scrapbooking (can meet once and split up
responsibilities and not have to meet again
– this meeting could even be during lunch)
• Banner, Wreath and Spotlight Your Club
may be better/easier/less work in a group
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