“The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant”

Think, Pair, Share…
• Your first crush…
– Who was it (come up with a fake name if you need
– When was it?
– How did you act around them?
– Does love make you do crazy things?
“The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant”
By W.D. Wetherell
Theme: a truth about life and human
nature that gives meaning to a story
• Themes are usually not stated directly.
• Stories can have more than one theme.
• Some themes are universal.
Universal theme:
a theme that appears in the literature
of all cultures; a theme that anybody
anywhere can relate to
• first love
• being misunderstood by parents
• anger over an unfair defeat
a struggle between two opposing
• internal
man vs. himself—the struggle takes place in
the character’s mind or heart
• external
man vs. an outside force—the struggle is
against another man, nature, the environment,
the supernatural, society
a brief reference to a person, event, or
place (real or fictitious) or to a work of
• Allusions are drawn from history, geography,
literature, or religion.
In this short story, there are allusions
to two historical figures:
• Jackie Onassis
• Ann-Margret
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
Wife of JFK; famous
first lady noted for
her fashion sense &
the pillbox hat;
married Greek
millionaire after
assassination of
JFK; led life of
wealthy recluse.
From President’s Widow to Millionaire’s
A popular actress in the ’60s
1960’s Version Of a Megan Fox
Background Info: When the narrator mentions the
Dartmouth Heavyweight Crew, he is talking about
Vocabulary to Know:
Pensive—dreamily thoughtful
Antipathy—strong dislike
Filial—pertaining to a son or daughter
Conspicuous—obvious or very easy to see
Concussion—powerful shock or impact
Luminous—glowing or giving off light
Quizzical—puzzled or questioning
Agree or Disagree?
• Teenage boys often fall for older girls.
• Teenagers often do silly things for love.
• Boys are more self-centered than girls.
• Bad decisions often “haunt” the decision
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