Why do we like to be by the seaside?

Forest Schools
Under the Sea
Week 1 and 2
Role Play
Forest and Under the
to make our Bug
to develop confidence
with using a Kelly Kettle;
creating our own Wood
• The Rainbow Fish (Marcus Pfister)
•Commotion in the Ocean (Giles Andreae)
Our classroom role
plays will be
transformed to
incorporate story
•Talk for Writing
• Different types of sea creatures (UtW)
• Different size sea creatures (Length)
• Shapes of shells, 3D Shapes
• Draw a sea creature using ICT software
• Estimation with shells in the sand.
FS Planning Term 6
On the Sea
Week 2 and 3
Why do we like to
be by the seaside?
Creation Ideas:
Ribbon Jelly Fish
Edible Clams
Silhouette Fish
•Come away from the water, Shirley (John
•Pirate Pete, Nick Sharratt
•Designing and making our own boats.
•Treasure Maps to lead us to Treasure
•Writing message in a bottle.
•Capacity: floating and sinking
•Music Yo, Ho a Pirates Life for Me
•Design a flag for the boat/ sand castle
Literacy and Numeracy Focus
During the term we shall focus teaching on;
•High frequency words
•Talk for writing
•Word building with phonemenes, digraphs, trigraphs.
•3D shapes
•Addition and subtraction
•Reading and writing numbers to 20/100
•Mental recall
We will all be
travelling to
an Aquarium
to experience a
real under the sea
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