Tuscola Aquaculture Facility

Funded by the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund
Thanks for making this possible!
Checking out the new shipment
Time to set
up the
Equipment in
the Aquaculture
The students helped
to set up all of the
components to
ensure that the tank
was ready to fill.
Just Add Water!
Control Panel
Set-Up Complete
Fish Arrive!
After all water
testing was
complete, we
ordered the Koi.
They were shipped
to our facility from
a grower in
New Home
The fish ranged
anywhere from
one to three inches
when they arrived,
and all appeared to
be healthy after
their long ride.
The viewing window is a popular observation
point for both the students and the fish.
Water testing is
done regularly to
make sure that pH,
ammonia, nitrites,
alkalinity and
dissolved oxygen
are in check to
provide a healthy
environment for
the Koi.
See how they’ve grown!
 There are approximately
200 fish in the tank. In
the short time that we
have had them, they have
grown tremendously.
Some of the fish are
already approaching 5
inches in length. We plan
to begin selling them once
they are 8- 10 inches long.