ROP - Vic Commuter

Research Opportunities
• Research Opportunity Program (ROP) 299
• Northrop Frye Scholarship (BIO150Y1)
• Career Center: Job Shadow/Externship
• Volunteering
ROP (299)
What is it?
How do I apply?
How do I improve my chances?
Requirements and Restrictions
What to expect
Pros and Cons
What is it?
• Credit course
• Assist/ participate in research project
• Pay fees
• Journal
• 2 Reports + Poster
• No Exam!!
Restrictions and Requirements:
• 2nd year ( 4-8 credits)
• Limit of 5 applications
• Sign Contract
How do I apply?
• Choose the Project(s)
• Fill in Application Form
• Send to
by deadline
• Interview
How do I improve my chances:
• Contact Prof. (email or in person)
• Attach Resume & Cover Letter
• Find out more (department & lab website)
• Attend Poster Session
What to Expect:
Immersion in Research Setting
Lab Meetings
Long hours (& weekends)
Papers to Read
Pros & Cons:
Small Class Setting
No Exam!!
One on One
Gain Research
• Possibility of a
• Networking
• Long hours
• Getting Along
• Nature of Research
Tips on Contacting Profs:
• Put yourself in their shoes
• Keep it brief!
• Most appreciate honesty (beware of the
claims you make)
Upper years:
• Independent Experiential Study Program
(399) (March, Arts and Science website)
• Independent Research Project (498, 499)
• Various Field, Lab & Upper Year Courses
Upper Years (Paid Options):
• Work Study (only OSAP students, apply Sep.Oct, Career Center Website)
• Summer Studentships (Sick Kids, etc) (apply
• NSERC, USRA (Undergraduate Student
Research Award)--dates depend on department
• Summer Jobs
Things to Consider:
• Numerous opportunities available--do
some research!
• Think beyond U of T/Toronto
• Funding available for travel and
conferences, … (DEEF, VUSAC, etc)
Things to Consider (Con’d):
*Applications are time consuming! Make sure you
complete them well in advance of deadlines & have
sufficient time for proofreading!!
**Start Working on your resume and cover letters
***Allow 10 days for official transcripts!!
****Ask prior to, and notify your references! Give ample
time for reference letters (at least 2 weeks)!
• Career Center & Website
-Resume and cover letter workshops
-Mock interviews
-Alumni Database
• Departmental Websites
• Connections
Resume Consultation
• Wednesday, Feb 2nd (11-1pm)
• Reading Room (BG)
***During the VOCA pancake brunch!