S4 Information Evening presentation

St Augustine’s School Prayer
God Our Father
Let us pray
That there will be respect for our world
Peace for its people
Love in our lives
Celebration of the good
Forgiveness for past wrongs
And, from now on, a new start.
St Augustine, pray for us
St Augustine’s High School
Session 2014 -2015
Mr McGee
Information Evening aims
 Outline Qualifications/Expectations - Mr McGee
 Outline Option Choices – Mr Scullion
 Outline the options procedure for new S5/6 students –
Mrs Barry
 Opportunity for questions
What types of courses are available?
A system
of courses
& assessment
A new system
of courses
& assessment
a course for all students of all abilities
progression from National Courses
The Curriculum
S4 6 subjects for 1 year: Mainly National
Courses: Breadth & balance
 5 choices in S5 – full timetable
 1 Period RE
 1 Period PSE
 4/5 choices in S6
Progression Routes
National 5
National 5
National 5
National 4
National 4
National 3
National 3
National 4
National 3
Programmes of study
A student’s programme of study is made
up of the various subject COURSES
Each course is made up of UNITS
Each UNIT has individual value (Credit)
It is compulsory:
All new S5 pupils must have a full timetable.
All new S6 pupils must have 4 option choices from 5 (max of 5
study periods) and will remain in school.
Units (internally marked)
Re-assessment if necessary
Assignments (externally marked)*
Exam question paper (external)
Units + Course Assignment + Exam = Overall
Course Award
Grading system - A, B, C, D
Exist for exceptional circumstances only
 Submitted within 10 days of exam
 Prelims still important for this
Aiming Higher
The better the examination results the
more doors that are opened
 Work and five Highers do not mix
 Some voluntary experience for some
courses is essential (doctor, vet) and
desirable for others (nursing, teaching)
 The journey starts now!!
Some dangers of Fifth & Sixth
Undertaking too much (jobs, social life)
 Under-estimating quantity of work
 Under-estimating quality of work
 Ending year no better qualified than at
the start
HOW do I choose?
What do I NEED?
 What am I GOOD AT?
 What do I LIKE?
 Think TWO YEARS!
Key Questions for Pupils
Are you making a positive decision to return?
Have you thought about a career route?
Are your choices realistic?
Have you researched what you need?
Have you looked at University prospectuses?
Pupil commitment
Maintain an attendance of 90% or above
Maintain a positive attitude and workrate in all my classes for the whole
Attend all classes and complete all units, homework and classwork for
the whole year
Wear full school uniform including blazer and tie
Participate fully in all duties or committees which I sign up to for the
whole year
Respect the rules and values of St. Augustine’s High School
I will remain in school at all times during the day even if I have a study
period (S6 students)
Education Maintenance Allowance EMA
Weekly payment worth £30
Means Tested
Students MUST be aged 16-17
Commences August 2014
Monitored weekly for:
Attendance; Behaviour; Progress/Work Rate
Useful Websites
 http://www.planetplus.net
 http://www.myworldofwork.co.uk
 http://www.educationscotland.gov.uk/p