St. Augustine Math

Saint Augustine Math
Place the letters on the St Augustine Timeline in the Correct Order
A – 1565 – Don Pedro Menendez sails from Spain and names the town St Augustine
B – 1763 – Spain Ceded Florida to England
C – 1821 – Spain sells Florida to the United States
D – 1565 – English Corsair, Sir Francis Drake, burns St Augustine to the ground
E – 1783 – St Augustine falls back under Spanish rule
F – 1513 – Explorer Ponce de Leon discovers Florida and names it “La Florida,” the Land of Flowers.
1. How many years was it between Ponce de Leon’s landing and the arrival of Don Pedro Menendez?
2. How many years has the state of Florida been a part of the United States?
3. How long did it take from Ponce de Leon’s discovery until Florida became part of the United States?
Bonus Question – If the Red Trains tour takes you from the Fountain of Youth to Ripley’s Castle 2 miles away
and they are travelling 10 MPH, how long would it take you to get there?