Zoe Boreland, DHSSPS & Verena Wallace, PHA

A Strategy for Maternity Services
Northern Ireland 2012-2018
Zoe Boreland Midwifery Officer DHSSPS
Verena Wallace LSAMO PHA
WSCNTL 2014, Kings Hall
Leading Care, Leading Teams - Innovating and Supporting Person-Centred Care
Where are we now........and
Where do we
want to get
Desired Outcomes
from the Strategy (2012)
 Give every baby and family the best start in life
 Effective communication and high quality maternity care
 Healthier women at the start of pregnancy
 Effective, locally accessible, antenatal care and a positive
experiences for mothers and babies
 Appropriate advice, and support for parents and baby after
Community Maternity Care Project
Describe and assess, current models of
community maternity care with the purpose of
proposing a regional model and skills
requirement of the workforce
Part of the scope of this project is
Conduct a regional maternity community (rural and
urban) workforce review between Jan 2013 to Jan
2014 to include:
head count and whole time equivalent per location
head count and whole time equivalent by work patterns
head count per whole time equivalent caseload
age profile, in order to facilitate succession planning
Regional Nursing and Midwifery
Workforce review
• Wider review of Workforce issues
• Workforce For The Future - Focus on Pre
Registration numbers
• Workshop for Midwives
Exercise - Think About!!
• The future direction of your service
• What assumptions can we make
• What do you foresee as the changes coming
–Your services
–Your workforce
–Other professionals
–Your roles/skill sets
Thank You
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