Personal Qualities, Qualifications and Experience

For Review:
July 2004
May 2014
May 2015
Position Title:
Perinatal Database – Data Entry Operator
Reporting To:
Clinical Midwife Manager
Maternity Services
Position Size:
as per appointment letter
Functional Relationships:
General Manager Women & Children
Clinical Director and Medical Staff
Director of Midwifery
Nurse Director – Women and Children’s
Midwifery and Nursing Staff
Heads of Departments
Director of Nursing & Midwifery
Medical Records Manager and Staff
Administration staff within Southland Hospital
Other Southland District Health Board Staff
Patients and their families/whanau
Maternity Access Agreement Holders
Primary Maternity Facilities
Primary Objective:
Responsible for inputting of clerical data into the Perinatal Database and other associated databases
and for tracking primary maternity revenue.
Area of Responsibility
Inputting of Clinical Data into
Perinatal and other Databases.
Reporting and Monitoring of data
Liaison and Communication
Performance Measures
 Accuracy of data.
 Clinical coding input into perinatal database.
 Generating of discharge information.
 Ensuring NIR generation occurs within expected
 Liaison with Medical Coders regarding accuracy of
coding information on discharge summaries.
 Providing Nurse Director – Women and Children’s and
Director of Midwifery with information regarding
volumes and revenue.
 Ability to run reports and audits on a regular and
adhoc manner.
 Investigate and provide information for audit purposes.
Both clinical and for Ministry of Health audit and
compliance unit.
 Liaison between Maternity Services and Ministry of
 Working with LMC’s and primary maternity facilities to
ensure seamless information sharing.
 NIR and Vaccine preventable disease team.
Perinatal Database Data Entry Operator - PAGE 2
Area of Responsibility
Quality Assurance
Maintain good communication
and interpersonal relationships
within Southland District Health
Actively uphold Southern
Health’s philosophy, policies and
Perform such other duties as may
be reasonably required by the
DONM Maternal and Child
Occupational Health and Safety
Performance Measures
 Communicating and monitoring compliance with
contractual requirements.
 Work and actively participate in the Maternity Services
Quality Plan, providing a vehicle and focus for
continuing quality enhancement and excellence in
practice; and undertake quality assurance audits as
required by the Director of Nursing – Women and
 Support the clinical team to have access to information
to enhance their decision making and the development
of clinical guidelines
 Communicate accurate information within stated time
 Be directed by and communicate with the Nurse
Director – Women and Children’s, Director of Midwifery
and the Clinical Director Women & Children’s to ensure
effective service delivery.
 Ensure all policies, procedures and standards of
practice of SDHB, relevant Acts, Regulations and
Employment Contracts and statutory obligations are
adhered to, within the principles of Equal Employment
Opportunity and the Treaty of Waitangi.
 Be committed to the principles of Baby Friendly Hospital
 Be subject to the overall direction of SDHB.
 Carry out duties as directed in an efficient and
productive manner.
 Demonstrate individual responsibility and maintain
accountability for own work practice.
 Observe and practice safe work methods using safety
equipment where it is provided, and report unsafe
working conditions or equipment to the Clinical Midwife
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Personal Qualities, Qualifications and Experience:
Experience and
Specific Skills and
Personal Qualities
 Relevant Health qualification
 High standard of accuracy in data entry
 Knowledge of systems and processes
associated with data entry
 Understanding of
database and the
running of queries
 Patient Management
system knowledge
 Knowledge of Maternity
Service Provision and
relevant Service
 Ability to effectively communicate verbally
and in writing with a variety of people.
 Ability to carry out administrative tasks
and follow written instructions to a high
 Be able to organise and prioritise work to
meet deadlines.
 Ability to use initiative in response to
changed situations.
 Excellent keyboard skills.
 Be able to cope under pressure.
 Good telephone skills.
 Have a positive attitude to authority.
 Good interpersonal skills and
demonstrated ability to work as part of a
 Well presented.
 Mature, professional approach to work.
 Maintain accountability for own work
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