Job Safety Analysis

Job Safety Analysis Training
Andrea Obregon
Meagan Ayers
Ian Hopkins
Thank You Northwest Ohio
Regional Managers of Gadget
Central For Attending Our
Training Session!
Ice Breaker
Are You Smarter
Than A 5 Grader?
4 Teams
 1 Point for Each Correct Answer
 1 Question for Each Grade
 10 – 15 Seconds to hold up your board with
your answer
 Final Question (Million Dollar Question)
– Wager your current amount of points
1st Grade Art
Q. Which of the following is NOT a primary color?
A. Red
B. Blue
C. Yellow
D. Green
Correct Answer: D. Green.
Green is a secondary color comprised of blue and yellow
2nd Grade Science
Q. The ocean’s tides are caused by the _______?
A. Moon
B. Wind
C. Sun
D. Temperature
Correct Answer: A. Moon
The Moon causes the tides
3rd Grade Biology
Q. How many stomachs does a Cow have?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: D. 4
4th Grade Music
Q. The first operas were performed in which
A. France
B. Germany
C. Italy
D. England
Correct Answer: C. Italy
5th Grade U.S. Geography
Q. What is the capital of Florida?
A. Orlando
B. Jacksonville
C. Miami
D. Tallahassee
Correct Answer: D. Tallahassee
Million Dollar Question
Category is:
5th Grade U.S. History
*Make Your Wagers*
Grade U.S. History
Q. Which of these was invented first?
A. Television
B. Frozen Food
C. Lie Detector
D. Pop-up Toaster
Correct Answer: D. Pop-up Toaster (1919)
Lie Detector(1921), Frozen Food and TV (1923)
Background – Gadget Central
Thank You Managers of the Northwest Ohio
 Founded in 1924 Out of Nashville, TN
 Now, 2,000 Locations Worldwide!
 GREAT Customer Service
 Sell: Electronics, Computers and Media (Such
as CD’s, DVD’s, Video Games, Etc…)
Purpose Of Training
Increased Incidents and Accidents
 Increased Lost Wages
 2009 – Lost $111,000 In Workers
Compensation and Lost Wages From 37
 2010 Goal –25 Incidents Maximum and
$75,000 In Workers Compensation and Lost
 Managers To Pass Knowledge To
Objectives Of This Training
What is a JSA?
 Elements of a JSA
 What is a Job?
 What is a Task?
 How To Create a JSA
 Hazards and Hazard Correction
Increased Job Satisfaction
 Increased Employee Morale
 Increased Motivation
 Increased Efficiency In Workplace Processes
 Reduced Accidents Per Location
 Reduced Workers Compensation Payouts
 Reduced Lost Time Due To Accidents
 Reduced Employee Turnover
What is a JSA?
Process of studying and recording each step
of a job, identifying existing or potential
hazards, and determining the best way to
perform the job to reduce or eliminate the
Elements of a JSA
Four Basic Steps:
1. Selecting Jobs For Analysis
2. Breaking Each Selected Job Into Steps
3. Identify The Hazards Associated With Each Step
4. Eliminate Or Correct The Hazards
What is a Job?
What is a Job?
A JOB Is A Description Of A Function In
The Company
Each Job Is Made Up Of TASKS.
So, What is a TASK?
TASK= Sequence of Steps or Activities That
Together Accomplish a Goal
 Examples
– Hanging a Door
– Filling Cans on an Assemble Line
– Unloading Drums From Truck With Forklift
JSA Benefits
– Prevention/Reduction of Hazards in the
Performance of Your Job
– Prevention/Reduction of Occurrences of
– Improvements in Job Performance
– Coordinates With PPE Selection
– Standardizes Work Procedures
– Ergonomic Assessments
When Should JSA Be Created
JSA Should Be Performed When:
– Job Does Not Currently Have JSA
– New Job is Created
– When Accident or Near Miss Occurs
– When Employee Has Concern
Members of JSA Team
There is No Single Method That Works Best
 Typical Members
– Employees
– Supervisors/Managers
– Human Resources
– Safety Committee
Employee Involvement =
Reasons For Involving Employees With JSA
Familiarity With Job
Higher Success/Performance Rates
 More Effective JSA Feedback
 Gains “Buy-In” For Necessary Changes
Breaking Down Jobs Into “Key”
Making the breakdown  Make it user friendly.
too detailed. This will
result in too many
unnecessary steps.
 Make the appropriate
combinations of steps.
 Making the job
breakdown so general  Simple and straight
that the basic steps are
forward steps.
not recorded.
Observation Method
Preferred Method:
– Directly Observe the Job Task
– Evaluate Each Step
– Ask Questions of the Employees
– Draw Upon Employee’s Knowledge of
Established Procedures, Problems, and Difficult
Group Activity
“Changing a Flat Tire on an
Instructional Video
How Many Steps Did
You Come Up With?
Key Steps (Too Many - 11)
Pull Off Road
Put Car in “Park”
Set Brake
Activate Emergency Flashers
Open Door
Get Out of Car
Walk to Trunk
Put Key in Lock
Open Trunk
Remove Jack
Remove Spare tire
Key Steps (Not Enough - 4)
Park Car
 Take Off Flat Tire
 Put On Spare Tire
 Drive Away
Key Steps (Just Right - 9)
Park Car, Set Brake
Remove Jack & Tire From Trunk
Loosen Lug Nuts
Jack Up Car
Remove Tire
Mount Spare Tire
Jack Down Car
Tighten Lug Nuts
Store Tire & Jack
Great Job……Now Let’s Add
The Hazards
– Description of Potential Injuries
Identification of hazards should include the hazards
associated with: machines, tools, supplies, job
procedures, and the surroundings
Now, Identify The Hazards To Each
Of The Key Steps
Hazards, Hazards, and More
Here Are Some Examples……..
Parking Car
– Stuck By Traffic
Remove Jack & Tire From Trunk
– Overexertion
Loosen Lug Nuts
– Striking Limbs Against Equipment
Hazard Correction
After Hazards Or Potential Hazards Have Been
Listed And Reviewed, The Next Step Is
Reduce The Hazards
Eliminate The
 Job Redesign
 Engineering Revisions
 Procedural Revisions
 Personal Protective Equipment
 Training
 Administration Controls
Hazard Correction
Use Procedures For Safe Work Which Are
Understood And Followed By All Parties, As A
Result Of:
– Training,
– Positive Reinforcement,
– Correction of Unsafe Performance, and
– Enforcement Through a Clearly Communicated
Disciplinary System
 Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
The process of JSA can be applied to any job
in any workplace, to improve work
procedures and make jobs safer and easier to
The goal of this process is to educate
everyone by getting them involved in
identifying hazards and developing controls
to keep everyone safe.
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