Magyar nyelv

The Hungarian
Its origin
 Member
of the Finno-Ugric language
 The official language of Hungary, but it is
also spoken in Romania, Serbia, Slovakia,
Ukraine, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia
 Spoken by 16 million people
About the language ...
 Hungarian
is one of the most difficult
languages in the world.
 It is completely unique, no other language
is similar to the Hungarian language.
 Some words have been taken over from
the following languages: Latin, German,
French, Italian, and English.
 Those
who do not know this language
consider it strange and unusual.
 Those who know it think it is
 Those who speak and understand
Hungarian consider it beautiful.
Famous people’s thoughts on the
Hungarian language
 Jacob
Grimm: ’The Hungarian language is
logical, has a perfect structure and
surpasses every other language.’
 George Bernard Shaw: ’I can say with
confidence that my literary work would
have been far more precious if my first
language had been Hungarian.’
Famous Hungarians
There have been more than 10 Hungarian Nobel Prize
winners so far, e.g. Kertész Imre, Szent-Györgyi
Albert, Winger Jenő, Fülöp Lénárd , or Bárány
Scientists and inventors: Goldmark Péter Károlycolour television, Teller Ede-hydrogen bomb, Bíró
László-ballpoint pen, Irinyi János-noiseless match,
Kemény János György-BASIC programming language,
Puskás Tivadar-telephone exchange