RFP FY2012 ACLS Continuation Package FC: 340


Name of Grant Program: Community Adult Learning Center Fund Code : 340/345

Program Service Option 2 –

Participatory Health Education


Please respond to the following requests and/or questions in narrative form in the Part III - Required

Information section of the SMARTT Program Planning Module.

1. List and describe each of the activities of the participatory health education grant program in FY2011: a. For each activity, list the number of students involved and their role; b. Describe the role of the health facilitator; c. List goals, objectives, and outcomes for each activity; d. Describe the successes and challenges; and e. Describe the impact that these activities had on the students involved and the overall ABE/ESOL program.


Provide a description of the project(s) that the Student Health Team will conduct in FY2012: a.

List goals and objectives and anticipated outcomes for each project; b.

Describe how the Participatory Health Education component will build student leadership in the

ABE/ESOL program; c.

Describe other potential benefits of the proposed projects; d.

Provide examples of how health topics will be integrated into the ABE/ESOL instructional services; and e.

Describe how the agency will collaborate with health care facilities and other related organizations.