Board-Level and System-Level DFT Approaches

UNIT 4 : Design for testability
Module 4.4 Board – level DFT approach
Board level DFT techniques
 By a system we mean a collection of modules,
such as PCBs, which consist of collections of ICs.
 Many of the ad hoc DFT techniques referred to
earlier such as scan can also be applied to the
board level.
 Primary system-level DFT approaches use
existing functional
 Busses,
 scan paths, and
 boundary scan.
System-Level Busses
 This DFT approach makes use of a module's or
system's functional bus to control and observe signals
during functional level testing.
 A test and for maintenance processor, such as the ATE,
appears as another element attached to the system's
 During testing, the ATE can take control of the system
busses and test the system.
System-level test using system
System-Level Scan Paths
 Scan can be extended to the board and system
 The scan path of each chip on a board is
interconnected in a daisy chain fashion to create
one long scan path on each board.
 The boards all share a common Sin, N/T and CLK
input. Their Sout lines are wired-OR together.
 The testing of such a system is under the control
of a system-maintaince processor, which selects
that board to be attached to the board-level scan
line Sout as shown in next slide.
Scan applied to the system level
Sin, N’/T
and CLK
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