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What is Arts-Centred
“a teaching method that
encourages students to
grapple with and express
their understandings of
subject matter through an
art form.”
-Merryl Goldberg
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What does this mean?
Curriculum is often designed to find
connections between the content of the
lesson and the students’ own lives and
experiences. When we join the Arts to
learning in the academic disciplines,
we bring processes of exploration,
expression, and interpretation into
the classroom.
Arts as a Vehicle for Learning
Instruction in the Arts and thoughtful
integrated curriculum creates opportunities
for deep structural connections between
disciplines, enabling students to learn both
deeply. The practice of making art, and its
performance or exhibition, becomes an
essential part of pedagogy and assessment.
(Grumet, 2004)
Arts-Centred Learning is
21st Century Learning
• Promoting higher order skills to
enhance students’ abilities to
problem solve
• Thinking creatively and critically
• Communicating clearly
• Working in teams
Arts-Centred Learning
• Arts-Centred Learning focuses on
learning IN and THROUGH the
– While students are able to choose
from a wide variety of
complementary fine and performing
arts courses to further develop their
skills in these disciplines, the focus
will be on using the arts as a means of
understanding the concepts in core
Meeting Provincial
• The core courses meet the
curriculum outcomes of the
Alberta Education Program of
Studies and provide
opportunities for students to
achieve beyond the basic
Arts-Centred Learning
• Students are given the opportunity
to learn and present information in
multiple ways.
• There is an emphasis on the inquiry
process, and, in addition to more
traditional methods, students share
what they have learned through the
disciplines of fine and performing
Arts-Centred Learning
• Students interested in enrolling in
Arts-Centred Learning must have
a genuine interest in art, music,
drama and dance and should be
enrolled in one or more fine and
performing arts complementary
Arts-Centred Learning Courses
• Continuation of the Junior High ACL
program at Franklin School
• As of Sept. 2011, James Fowler is
offering Arts-Centred Learning in core
curriculum courses for students in
Grades 10, 11 & 12.
Arts-Centred Learning
• The expectation is that Grade 10 students
who wish to be part of this program will
enroll in all four Arts-Centred Learning
– an English ACL course (English 10-1ACL or
English 10-2ACL),
– a Mathematics ACL course (Math 10C ACL or
Math 10-3 ACL),
– Science 10ACL,
– and a Social Studies ACL course (Social
Studies 10-1ACL or Social Studies 10-2ACL).
Is Arts-Centred Learning
Right For You?
Students who thrive in this program:
• have a passionate interest in the arts
• are creative “out of the box” thinkers
• are highly motivated and independent
• are flexible and adaptable to change
• love project-based and inquiry-based
• thrive in a fast paced and rigorous program
that extends beyond basic curricular
• are effective communicators with the ability
to work collaboratively with other students
• are active participants in their learning
Fine and Performing Arts Certificate
• In addition, students may also complete a Fine and
Performing Arts High School Certificate.
• Requirements - (40 credits in total)
• Professionalism in the Arts 35 (3 or 5 credit)
• Other complementary courses in your area(s) of interest –
– Art
– Band and/or Choral Music
– Creative Writing
– Dance
– Drama
– Film/Multimedia
Fine and Performing Arts
High School Certificate
• Professionalism in the Arts 35 (3 or 5 credit)
3 credit –
5 credit –
• Log book
• Log book
• Research Journal
• Research Journal
• Resume
• Artist Interview
• Portfolio (5 artifacts)
• Resume
• Exit Interview/Presentation
• Portfolio (8 artifacts)
• Reflective Paper (500-750
• Exit
word paper)
• Reflective Paper (10001200 word paper)
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