ACL Connections - St. Louis ACL User Group

ACL Connections
June 2, 2009
General Purpose
• Demonstrate ACL as part of a solution
• Encourage other uses for ACL
• Direct contact with ACL team
Using ACL to Automate Scorecard
• Talecris – Bio-Pharmaceutical & Mfg.
 60+ Plasma collection centers across U.S.
(employees and location in lower-income areas)
 7,000 donors daily
 $2.5 million cash disbursed weekly
Talecris Challenges
• Geography
• Conduct “surprise” cash counts at all
• DOS-based mgmt system: month-end
reports, focused on operations, data not
readily available for data mining
Talecris Operations
• Manual process for donor payments
• No standardization of payments
• Weak cash controls
Talecris: Donor Mgmt System
• System-based, automated donor mgmt
• ATM’s used for disbursements
• Control concerns still existed
– ATM malfunction
– Modifications/ addtl pmt to system-generated
Talecris Needs
• Independent assessment/reporting tool
• Prioritize “surprise” cash counts
• Ability to monitor center’s cash activity
Center Audit Scorecard
• DB tables imported to ACL
• 600-line script calculates metrics and
exports an output table to Excel to
produce the Scorecard
• Rolling six months of data are available
• Results are summarized or viewed for a
specific center
• Reporting by center, consolidated, metric
Scorecard Reporting
• Center Snapshot
• Charts comparing centers or metric
• Consolidated summary
Fraud Prevention & Detection
Dave Goderre – authored books on CAATS, significant
contributor to ACL user forum
Fraud Risk Assessment Program - Lifecycle Approach:
Assess – company-wide, fraudster’s perspective
Access – identify all available source
Defend – build and maintain tests, verify data integrity
Continuous Assessment – refine scripts as necessary
“Fraud prevention/detection is not an end but a journey”
Craig Leming, Sprint Nextel
49M wireless customers
48K employees
3rd largest wireless provider in U.S.
System Analyst from Info Sys
• Eliminate random sampling
• Identify all exceptions from total population
• Work with multiple formats and platforms
from different departments
• Increase data analytics in IA dept.
Initial training program for IA dept.
Advanced training for IT auditor
Periodic training
System Analyst performs extracts and
queries, Audit Team performs data
Inventory Adjustments Project
Create an easy-to-use program for auditor
Used dialog boxes
Involved over 900K records
Through data analytics, reduced auditor
time 40% – 60%
Continuous Monitoring
Use scripts to access data and automate
Build for easy use and understanding
Very few companies use continuous monitoring
Lack of time and expertise to implement
General Observations
Understand company operations and data
 Use ACL regularly
 There are resources available to help you
succeed with ACL
 Not everyone’s going to be an ACL expert
but do whatever you can to learn more
about ACL.