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Shane Nixon
Avnet F5 Networks Solutions Consultant
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Directions to log in:
• Go to http://Portal.ItDemoCentral.com
• Log in, on the right side of the screen, with user name and
password or “Click to Request Access” for first time users.
• Click the Vendor, or the right side of the screen, in this case F5
• Click “F5 Big IP”
• Click “Schedule Demonstration”
• Complete the form and click “Schedule”
• Click “Home”
• On the bottom of the screen, click the green checkmark to enter
Demo Center
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Helpful Hints
• Please upload Archive file 10012013A.ucs for demo box 3600A
(10012013B.ucs for 3600B) to restore box to our default settings
after making adjustments (or prior to make sure you are working
with our default settings).
• If web pages don’t load the first time, refresh the screen.
• Passwords:
• F5 boxes:
• Username: admin
• Password: f5admin
• Username: admin
• Password: password
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Thank you!
• Contact Shane Nixon with any questions or
Shane Nixon
Avnet F5 Solutions Consultant
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