Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

Institutional Effectiveness
A set of ongoing and systematic actions, processes, steps and
practices that include:
 Planning
 Assessment of programs and services (administration and
student services)
 Identification and measurement of outcomes across all units
 The use of data and assessment results to inform decision
All of these ongoing, systematic actions, processes, steps are
accomplished with the purpose of improving programs and
services and increasing student success and institutional
Faculty and Staff will be able to:
 Develop curricula or programs that align with
divisional and college goals
 Improve curriculum /program development
 Determine student or program areas of strength and
 Illustrate course of program value to the college
 Provide evidence based feedback to colleagues and
 Contribute to creating a culture of excellence
Administrators will be able to:
 Evaluate and allocate resources efficiently based on
 Increase effectiveness of providing direction and
deciding policy
 Track and demonstrate program progress and
contribution to the institution
 Create a cohesive and meaningful strategic plan
 Align curricula or services across courses/programs
 Contribute to creating a culture of excellence
Rust College will be able to:
 Obtain better information to evaluate policies and
Draw on evidence to make changes
Use results to seek grant or foundation funding
Demonstrate responsiveness to community needs and
Align learning across the curriculum
Place students appropriately
Generate higher student academic success
Demonstrate how the college is making a difference
Improve communications with stakeholders
Achieve more thorough curriculum review and revision
Students will be able to:
 Engage in more rigorous and coordinated learning
 Learn more and better
Reflection Questions
How well informed are faculty and staff about what your
program is trying to do regarding continuous
How well informed are students,
staff, faculty,administrators, advisors,
alumni about what you are trying to
do regarding continuous
Reflection Questions cont’d…
How well does your program put
the assessment plan into action?
What processes does your
program have in place to ensure
that the information you gather is
used to make decisions about
What processes do you have in
place to determine whether the
changes have produced what you
Reflection Questions cont’d…
How do program
administrators use
information for strategic
decision making?
How does the current
plan relate to long term
goals for the program?