E-Government Initiatives in Hong Kong

E-Government Initiatives
in Hong Kong
By Paul Gysler San
E-citizen versus Digital21
 http://www.ecitizen.gov.sg/
 http://www.info.gov.hk
 E-citizen (competition)
 Much more commercialized
 Looks like a .com with its pictures
 Digital21
 Very clean and organized
 And boring
Five Initiatives under
Digital21 strategy
 Electronic Service Delivery Scheme
 Apply to drive, Apply to be born
(birth certificates), Tourist info, Job
openings, and Taxes
 Basically anything G2B or G2C you
can think of is in one place…
The Interactive Government
Services directory (IGSD)
 This is exactly what it says
 A government phonebook
 A completely digital government
 It also has info on investing,
employment services and road
traffic info
Even more Initiatives
 The Electronic Tendering System
 G2B
 Government auctions
 Everything must go sale
HKSAR Government
Information Center
 www.Info.gov.hk
 Goverement news
 G2C
HK Post E-Certificates
 Get a certificate online
 Check validity of certificates
 People can not get fake ones at
Hong Kong Kinkos
Goals of Digital21
 Sharpening the e-government
 Driving utilization and creating
 Engaging customers
 Driving IT adoption through egovernment
 How about Some cookies so I do not
have to go through a separate English
window every flipping time
 Is a search Bar to much to ask for on the
home page?