Grade 11 Option presentation 2015

The road to graduation and beyond……...
Course selection begins this week!
Myblueprint will be open for selecting courses
starting this Friday, Nov 21 at 11:30 and will be
open until Wednesday, Dec 3 at midnight.
The Course Selection Fair will be held on
Friday morning during periods one and two.
O.S.S. Diploma Requirements
30 Credits (18 Compulsory, 12 Optional)
 40 Hours of Community Involvement
 Successful completion of the Literacy Test
U level
University Level Courses
Designed to prepare students to meet the
requirements for university programs (ENG4U0)
M level
University / College Level Courses
Designed to prepare students to meet the
requirements for both university and college
programs (BOH4M0)
C level
College Level Courses
Designed to prepare students to meet the
requirements for college programs (ENG4C0)
O Level
Open Level Courses
Appropriate for all students
Usually elective courses (PAL4OM )
*PAL4OM is not an M level course - the M indicates male
E Level
Workplace Level Courses
Appropriate for students entering the workplace.
These courses may be used to meet requirements
for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma but are
not designed to meet entrance requirements for
college or university (MEL3E0 and MEL4E0)
Students must have their OSSD including six grade 12 (U) or (M)
level courses to qualify for general university admission.
e.g. ENG4U0 or BOH4M0. Specific prerequisite courses will vary
depending on the university program.
Students should investigate university admission requirements
including grade 12 course prerequisites as well as mark ranges as
soon as possible to ensure their course selections are suitable to
achieve their goals.
A reminder that although admission averages are based on grade
12 marks, both grade 11 and 12 marks will be reviewed by Ontario
Do Your Research!
 or
 Attend university presentations in Lecture Hall
 Attend the Ontario Universities Fair in September
 View university guide books (available in the Guidance Office)
 Check individual university websites
 Contact the Liaison Departments at the universities
 Visit the universities. Tours are available on a regular basis.
For admission to college diploma or certificate programs students
need six grade 11 or 12 courses. These can be taken at the college
level (C), university/college level (M), university level (U) or open
level (O). College degrees require six grade 12 U or M courses.
College programs also require specific prerequisite courses that
vary depending on the program.
Admission averages are not posted for colleges and vary
significantly depending on the program. Many programs also
require additional admission information, such as a portfolio,
interview, audition, testing or attendance at an orientation session.
Do research now! Visit the colleges, gather guide books (many are
available in the Guidance Office), attend the presentations at Lorne
Park during lunch period. Attend the Ontario College Information
Fair held in October.
Visit or
Individual college sites
Individual university sites
Grade 11 courses
Grade 12 courses
Advanced Functions
Calculus and Vectors
Functions and Applications
Data Management
College Mathematics
College Mathematics
Mathematics for work and everyday life
Mathematics for work and everyday life
*The prerequisite for MCT4C0 - Mathematics for College Technology is MCF3M0 or MCR3U0
Grade 11
Grade 12
* SCH3U0
recommended if
planning to take
Extended French Program *
Grade 12 Requirement – Must take FEF4U0 and may take
HZT4UX (need 7 courses for Extended French certificate)
Enhanced Program *
Grade 12 Requirement – Must select at least one course
offered at the enhanced level, example ENG4UE (need 10
Enhance courses for certificate)
* Must already be in program to select these course(s)
AP exams are subject specific exams set just above the grade 12 level.
They are written in May each year and are evaluated by the College
Board on a scale from 1 to 5. A score of 3 is a pass and scores of 4 and 5
are very high.
AP exams offer an enhancement of breadth and depth to the prescribed
Ontario curriculum so they are ideal for students identified as “gifted
The AP experience with give students an idea of what a university
level exam is like.
For scores 3 or higher it may be possible to be exempt from a first year
university course in that subject area.
Suitable students are academically self motivated and particularly
strong in a subject area.
Interested students should see Mr. MacKay for information
Earn up to four credits towards your OSSD at a work placement
while getting hands on instruction from an expert.
Authentic work experience for all student pathways - College,
University and Apprenticeship.
OYAP or the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program is designed
to allow students to start collecting hours towards an
apprenticeship while completing their co-op placement.
To select Co-op, choose course code COP4XC and submit a
separate application to the co-op teacher. Applications are
available online or in the Guidance Office.
SHSM is a package of Gr 11 / 12 courses that focus on Sports Sector
related careers while earning the OSSD
Students can earn a Red Seal Designation on their OSSD
Supports all pathways
 Suitable for students going to University, College,
Apprenticeship, or Work
 8 -10 required courses (4 sports related courses, 3 others that
include Contextualized Learning Activities and 2 co-op credits)
 Students receive 7 sport-sector related Certifications e.g. First Aid,
CPR, AED, WHMIS, Sports Taping, Personal Training etc.
 Experiential Learning and Career Exploration in the Sports Field
e.g. job shadowing, co-op, field trips
 Reach Ahead Activities e.g. Post secondary visits
If interested please see your Guidance Counsellor or Ms. Noon
Students requiring a program level change
(e.g. ENG3C0 to ENG4U0 or ENG3U0 to ENG4C0)
are advised to make an appointment with their
Guidance Counsellor to review prerequisite
requirements and discuss post secondary plans.
Research all of your options carefully
Talk to teachers who teach the course
Attend our Course Selection Fair on Friday, Nov 21st
Talk to students who have taken the course
Get information regarding workload and the type of
evaluations you will do. e.g. essays, presentations, group
Pay attention to the recommended preparation aside from
having the prerequisite course
Pay attention to post-secondary program requirements
Have a back-up plan
Select courses in which you are likely to experience success
Choosing appropriate courses based on your interests, skills and future planning is essential to your success.
Course Selection will be done through
Submit your course selections online between
Friday, November 21 at 11:30am and
December 3 at 12:00 midnight
Computer labs will be open over the lunch
period on Friday, November 21 to assist
Once courses have been submitted online, students
must PRINT their Verification Form. This needs to
be completed before December 3.
Parents will review the selected courses and sign the
Verification Form.
Return the signed Course Selection Verification form
to your homeroom teacher before December 4.
Waitlists are created automatically though our Peel
Board Student Information System
They are created according to the date and time the
course is selected on line.
You are encouraged to complete your course selections
early to avoid the possibility of being on a waitlist.
The Ministry of Education is encouraging all students to graduate in
four years.
Students are expected to be planning properly to graduate in 4 years
and be ready and prepared for their chosen post secondary
All courses including summer school, night school, online
courses and private school courses count towards the 34 credit
Students who complete more than 34 credits within their first 4
years of secondary school are not impacted by this policy.
Students with an formal IEP are exempt from the 34 credit
Students who earn 30 credits and graduate are still eligible to
return for one semester to upgrade marks.
Until June 1 course changes for next year will be permitted based on
Students will need to meet with their counsellor to request a change.
If a course change is required, it is advisable to do it as soon as
possible to avoid disappointment as classed may be full.
The deadline for making course changes is June 1.
"Change of mind" changes will not be done in September
Changes is September are not permitted except for the following
- a result of summer school
- a course failure
- an unforeseen health issue
If you are planning to take a course in summer school it
is recommended that you do not select that course for
next year. We would like your courses to be as correct
as possible as we are not always able to accommodate
Drop in at lunch without an appointment
to talk to a counsellor on duty
Make an appointment through the
Guidance Secretary to see a counsellor