Course Selection Process Dec 2013 - Powerpoint

The Course Selection Process
Step 1 – Create an Account
 Visit
Step 2 - Plan Your Courses
High School Planner
Adding a Course
Removing a Course
Error Messages – Missing Prerequisite
Error Messages – Other Error Messages
Step 3 – Submit Your Courses
 Submitting a Plan
 Verification Form / Sign-Off Sheet
 Go to your Secondary
School website
 Click on myBlueprint
(Right Column)
Step 1 – Create an Account
You will need your:
 Ontario Education Number (OEN). Find this on:
Your student card
Your timetable
Your report card
Or see your Guidance Counsellor
 Date of Birth
 Note: In order to select and submit courses at your school,
you must use your OEN the first time you log in to
Create an Account cont’d
 If you are a New User, select your Secondary School
and click Create Account.
 If you are an Existing User enter your email and
password and click Login.
 Forgot your password? Click Forgot your password?
for help.
Click on High
School Planner
to begin
choosing your
This is where you
see course
requirements for
This is where you
see your postsecondary
across Canada
based on your
course selection .
This is where you
view other
requirements and
your progress.
This is where you can:
plan your courses
for multiple grades
and build your
graduation and
plan in advance.
submit your plan
for the upcoming
school year
You will see:
completed courses
and marks
compulsory courses
Add a course to your
plan by clicking on
‘+ Course’.
Explore the subject
specific courses
available at your
Select courses to
meet your program,
diploma, and postsecondary
1. Click on a subject folder to review courses available.
2. Click on a course to read course prerequisites and
3. Click ‘Add Course to Plan’ in the bottom right corner.
Note: You can use the Grade dropdown or search filters to find a course.
Hover your
cursor over the
course box (do
not click) and a
red ‘X’ will
appear. Then
click the ‘X’ to
remove the
Add a course
to your plan by
clicking on
‘+ Course’.
You will see the
error message
shown if you select
a course for which
you do not have the
Please review your
See your guidance
counsellor to
develop a plan.
A course selected for
which you do not have
the prerequisite will
show as this.
Submitting a plan in
which you do not have a
prerequisite will result in
this error message.
Note: Choose wisely, your plan
will not be approved by your
counsellor if you do not have the
required prerequisites!
Submitting a plan
with a missing
prerequisite will
result in this error
Do not click
‘confirm and print’
Click ‘Return to
Plan’ and review
your course
1. If you clicked ‘Submit’
and do not have a full
course load, then you
will get the error
message shown. Click
‘Cancel’ and return to
course selection.
2. If you ignore Step 1, you
will receive the error
messages resulting in
the ‘Insufficient Credits’
error on the Verification
Form / Sign-Off Sheet.
1. A plan that meets
all graduation
requirements will
result in the
checkmark shown.
2. Submit your plan by
clicking ‘Submit’
Note: Only your next year
grade courses will be
submitted even if multiple
years have been planned.
Submit your courses
by clicking ‘Confirm
and Print’.
A pop-up window
may appear, click
‘OK’ to finalize the
submission of your
Note: Be sure to review your
course selections as you will not
be able to change your
selections in myBlueprint once
Please print the
Form / Sign-Off
Sheet in
2. Have your
Parent/ Guardian
sign the form and
return the form
to the Student
Services Office.
What happens if…
 I don't have a student card, a timetable or a report card and
can't find my OEN? Ask a Guidance Counsellor
 myBlueprint thinks that I am attending a catholic school? When
the error box appears to indicate this, use the drop down menu
to change your school board from the Dufferin Peel Catholic
Board to the Peel District School Board and then select Cawthra
 I want my Guidance Counsellor to know what my plan is for a
missing prerequisite? Either drop by the Guidance office and/or
hand write the plan on your verification form and have your
parents sign off.
 I want to select Co-op (either 2or 4 credit) and can't find the
course code(s)? Look for the 'Unlisted' courses at the bottom of
the menu. Do not search by grade and you will see both the 2
credit and 4 credit codes (COP2XC and COP4XC)
You are Done!
Choosing appropriate courses based on your interests,
skills and future planning is essential to your success.
Continue to use myBlueprint to plan, revise, and make
wise decisions for the future. Document your plan on
myBlueprint so that you can keep track of experiences,
achievements, volunteer work and future choices.
See your Guidance Counsellor to support you in learning
about program opportunities that may help you to make
decisions for yourself.