9-29-14 Aaberg Geogebra 3-D

3-D Student Work with
Geogebra 5.0
Shelby Aaberg
Scottsbluff HS
This Session
2:10 – 3:00
• Introductory Problem
• Using Geogebra 5.0
• Student Work
• Project Ideas
Geogebra 5.0 allows users to
construct 3-D graphs.
National Board Certified
Teacher and UNL Noyce
Master Teaching Fellow
Shelby Aaberg will share
several examples of student
projects modeling problems
from the world outside
school and math from
contests problems.
Answer: s = 1
The Devil is in the Details
Expressing the Answer Visually
Geogebra 5.0 is Available
Facilitating Student Use of Geogebra 5.0
Click View
Select Graphics View 3D
Facilitating Student Use of Geogebra 5.0
There’s only one thing to teach the students:
Every button has a submenu that can be accessed with the tiny triangle.
Hovering over the button gives instructions on what to do.
The rest is trial and error.
Student Work Examples
Project Ideas
Nested Cylinders and Water Problem
(UNL Math Day 2013 Probe I)
Project Ideas
Broken Pipe in a Classroom
Project Ideas
The Oil Storage Problem
Euclid the Game
Thanks for your time and energy!
Motivate your students to think outside the box!