hip hop notes

Popping- movement that “hits” then
continues (like popcorn)
Locking- movement that “locks” into
place and freezes there
Electric Boogaloo- funky style
popping/ locking that mimics miming
or “clowning”
Tutting- using hand gestures that
mimic Egyptian hieroglyphics
Strobing- freezing your body in short
increments to look like pictures
moving quickly (strobe effect)
Top rocking- dancing using the
transfer of weight between feet while
standing (usually before break
Break dancing- dancing that uses the
transfer of weight on various parts of
the body (primarily feet, hands, arms,
shoulders, and head) and is performed
on the ground.
Waving- moving parts of your body to
produce a wave-like illusion
Free-styling- mixing up all different
forms of hip-hop (hip-hop’s word for
Krumping- Krumping is a street dance
popularized in the United States that is
characterized by free, expressive,
exaggerated, and highly energetic
movement involving the arms, head,
legs, chest, and feet. The youths who
started krumping saw the dance as a
way for them to escape gang life and
"to release anger, aggression and
frustration positively, in a non-violent
way”. Krumping began in the streets
and in church where it is used as a
form of worship.
-Stepping- using your feet and hands
and other parts of your body to
produce various rhythms and sounds