Bjorn Lomborg: Global priorities bigger than climate change

Bjorn Lomborg:
Global priorities bigger than
climate change
Jaanika Rookmann
Why did I choose this topic?
I was made to. 
It was in English.
It was on the right website – the TED page.
It was business-related.
It seemed interesting because I care about the
environment and I have a shopping bag that I
always use.
I liked the title – I wanted to know what the
biggest global problems are said to be.
Main points of the talk –
the biggest problems in the World
It’s said that the biggest problems in the World are
 climate change,
 communicable diseases,
 conflicts,
 education,
 financial instability,
 governance and
 malnutrition and hunger,
 population migration,
 sanitation and water,
 subsidies and trade
Main points of the talk
 There are limited sources in the World to solve the global
problems, so we should focus on the ones that have the
biggest impact for the least amount spent.
 The problem about dealing with climate change is that it’s
too expensive, but does so little for the future, we might win
just a few years time.
 The very best project to focus on would be HIV/AIDS –
especially because it would be wise to focus on the
prevention, which is also going to cost less than treatment.
 By avoiding people getting infected we would significantly
increase their ability to deal with many of the other
problems that they have to deal with - of course, in the
long run, also to deal with global warming.
 I agree that there are many important problems that need a
solution and it’s really hard to choose which ones to focus on
 It would be good to solve all the problems, but I understand
that there’s not enough money to do all at once.
 At first I strongly disagreed with the presenter because I find
the climate change to be an important thing and I myself do
my best not to pollute the Mother Earth.
 But I liked how he explained that the climate change is not
that tangible, while for the other issues the solution is cheaper
and can be seen sooner.
 Of course I recommend the video to the others, the topic is
interesting and made me think what’s the most important.
Thanks for watching!