SfL - Introduction to Logistics

(a) What is Business on the Move about?
(b) How does the game work?
What do these products have in common?
… These products, along with
so many others in our modern
world, are made in China and
imported into the UK.
How do goods get here from China?
Made in China
Boxed up on pallet
Transported to the UK
Pallets packed into a container
Players are challenged to:
• Run their own logistics business, delivering orders to
customers across the UK
• Transport goods efficiently by air and sea from China into
the UK and then by rail and road to their customers
• Be the first to complete all deliveries,
and/or make the biggest profit,
and/or minimise their carbon footprint
Companies decide on the best way to deliver
Containers can be moved from China into the UK by air
or by sea... or by both
Once in the UK, players choose rail, road or both
Containers of British-made goods from the UK Factory
shorten the supply chain and reduce delivery times
Companies must beware of “CO2”
The winner can be decided
in a variety of ways:
• The first company to deliver an agreed number of orders
• The company that delivers the most orders
• The company that makes the biggest profit and/or
has the strongest balance sheet
• The company with the smallest carbon footprint
The game can be played for a particular length of time
(such as 60-90 minutes) or played until all orders have been delivered.
Business on the Move is very flexible and versatile!