A School Council meeting was held on 27th November

Student Council November Meeting 2015-16
A School Council meeting was held on 27th November. All classes were represented.
It was a very positive meeting. Children reported that since our last discussion
computers in the school were faster, well set up and always charged. Everything
seemed to be going well for all students. Children from Ms Kinnane’s group reported
that they liked the new classroom. It is bright with a lot of space. Children in 3 rd/4th
class like having the toilet in the classroom. Children from Mr. Walsh’s class said
they liked all the windows in their room.
The children from the senior classes asked if they could have new blinds as in the
junior part of the school. I spoke to Mr. Munnelly about this and he said he would
look into the matter. The children also asked if they could wear their own clothes on
the last day of term and this was agreed.
Linda Russell.