USB 3.0 write blocker
Senior Design Group Dec 1108
Team members
Chen Zhao
Elphas Sang
Yan Fang
Dr. Zhao Zhang
Joe Lane (ECI from DMACC)
Project goal
• Implement a USB to SATA device write blocker
• A device with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 enabled
• A device working as a USB to SATA adapter with
writing block enabled
Block diagram
Project status
• Implementation done
• Hardware part
– TI TUSB 9261 EVM board device
– SATA SSD for testing
– PC host with necessary software for compiling and testing
• Software part
– TUSB926x flash burner utility
– TI confidential source code for TUSB9261 firmware
– Code Compiler Studio (TI official C/C++ compiler)
• Implementation to be done
To redevelop the firmware source code, redesign the
SCSI command handler, correctly block writing commands
without fault.
Testing and evaluation comes together with code
Testing to be done
• TI TUSB 9261 Evaluation Board
• Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E8000: The processor is
efficient in that it reduces the amount of power need
by the CPU therefore less CPU heat and prolonged
system’s life.
• Hard Disk: Intel SSD 320 Series 80GB
• Excellent performance and energy efficiency: The
device high performance and is power efficient. The
device needs testing in superSpeed USB mode.
• The bridge has support for data rate of up to 5Gbps.
• The device drops writing commands and allows
reading commands. In this case the no data is
contaminated by modification of information
contained in the external HDD.
Success criteria and assessment
• The project succeeds when code implementation is
done and passes all tests
• To what degree the team would attain success
– Mostly confident