What is Thermography? Information

What is Thermography?
Infrared thermography is the collection & analysis of radiated electromagnetic energy in the
infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (2 – 14 micron range) using a thermal imaging
camera. An infrared inspection (thermographic) uses this equipment to provide specific thermal
information & related documentation about a structure, system, object or process.
• Problems that do exist will be identified quickly, giving time to
assess and repair the problem before a failure. In most cases
the problem is identified well before a problem becomes
• Failure of electrical components could be catastrophic,
injuring or killing employees or the public. This is a safety
issue and possible litigation could be filed against a company
if negligence is proven.
• The cost of and emergency outage is ten times greater than
scheduled maintenance.
Visual Digital Image
Does this equipment & the connections look normal?
Yes to the human eye……..
but the thermal imaging camera has identified a critical
fault on the lower red phase connection.
An infrared inspection conducted in December 2010
identified a thermal abnormality on the connection.
This should have been checked & rectified by an
electrician immediately……..
A subsequent infrared inspection was conducted in
August 2012 & the thermal abnormality has progressed
to a critical point where failure is imminent.
This is what happens when a regular thermographic
inspection program is not introduced.
$150,000.00 later and a lot of heartache!!!!!