TMW Maritime LLC

TMW Maritime “At A Glance”
• Focus
• Why Us?
• Core Values
• Service Offerings
• Summary
TMW Maritime specializes in
container/port consulting inclusive
of safety, operations, equipment,
financial analysis and strategy.
Why Us?
• With the ever-increasing challenges in the maritime industry, we have
the ability to make an immediate and positive impact on the client’s
business without increasing overhead costs and procrastinating
results. We understand urgency as that is a core element of our
• We offer practical and implementable solutions, not just theory. At
TMW Maritime (TMW), we have the process driven orientation to not
only present viable solutions, but also navigate the client thru
• Demonstrated by a proven track record of over 27 years in delivering
results for front line and executive level challenges at multiple
domestic/international locations, TMW has the experience and
expertise to assist our clients with an essential range of services
utilizing data driven decision making.
Core Values
• All accidents are preventable
• Integrity of the highest level is a vital
component of any service offering
• Customer satisfaction drives our
• Multi-disciplinary and tailored
solutions always delivered on time
Service Offerings
• Safety
• Operations
• Equipment
• Financial Analysis
• Strategy
People are an organization’s most precious commodity. TMW
has the “know how” to expeditiously assess the work
environment, recognize the key opportunities for improvement
and recommend solutions that are doable in the blue collar
workplace. With the proper collaboration, TMW has the game
plan to reduce on the job injuries and accident severity via:
• Comprehensive evaluation of safety programs
• Modular safety implementations
• Cultural reengineering
Depending on the
client’s wishes, every
facet of the marine
operations can be
evaluated with the
expectation that
immediate and workable
solutions can reduce
expenses and improve
service to the
customers. For
• Process efficiencies
• Gate
• Yard
• String piece
• Standard operating
• Benchmarking
• Capacity analysis
• Labor utilization
• Organization
The maritime industry is very competitive with
limited capital dollars available for investment.
From how the current equipment is allocated to
evaluation of the maintenance programs and
procurement, TMW can provide professional
consultation for the customer’s fleet.
Sectors of focus:
• Utilization
• Maintenance
• Procurement
Financial Analysis
Site specific financials and contracts can provide
significant insight on whether the proper returns
are realized for an operation. TMW is a
specialized advisor that can assist in identifying
improvements where required.
Example of components:
• P&L reviews
• Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Contractual assessments
The given pace of the industry dictates
constant reevaluation of where a client fits in
the regional and global equations. TMW’s
experience with carriers, stevedores and ports
allows for an in-depth understanding and
sharing of perspective of the below:
• Alignment
• Validation
• Growth
Whether the client’s needs
require support in operations,
safety or other sectors, TMW
Maritime can deliver practical
and implementable solutions
that increase the value and
service levels of our
customer’s business.
Terrance White
418 Main Street
Bay St Louis, MS 39520