PowerPoint Template - Let`s Enjoy Chemical Engineering World

13/14 Semester 1
Instructor: Rama Oktavian
Email: [email protected]
Office Hr.: M.13-15, T. 13-15, W. 13-15, F. 13-15
 Based on study guide
 2 credits - compulsory
– Allowed :
– Not Allowed :
University Rule:
Come to class minimum 80 % during one semester
– Student will be able to understand all of chemical
engineering literatures.
– Student will be able to analyze all of chemical
engineering literatures.
– Student will be able to communicate in English
both written and oral
Why English is important?
 English is widely spoken all around the world
(more than 400 million native (1 billion total) speakers)
 Knowing English allows people to enjoy their life and work no
matter where they are
 key language of international business
 more than 80% of all stored information in the world is
written in English or translated into it
Will not get lost in the world where there are people
English and Engineering
 Most Engineering Manuals or Technical References are in
 Most Engineering Experts speak English
 Good engineering textbook is in English
 International Meeting and Conferences using English
 All International paper published in English
 Most update engineering news are in English
 English proficiency is the most important part in job-seeking
process and in the academic life and career of engineering
 Guideline
 Brochure
 Standards
 History
 Presentations
 Papers
 Multimedia Content
How to improve your English?
Read a lot of English articles
Remember of Vocabulary
Using Dictionary
Understanding Basic English Grammar
Writing and Listening practice
Try to Speak English everyday!
Don’t be shy!
Keys to improving your writing
 Write often! It doesn't matter what you write.
 Share your writing.
 Be patient. Learning to write well is a lifelong process.
 Find good resources.
Grammar terminology
 It allows us to communicate efficiently about language
 It helps if we can refer to grammar using precise vocabulary
 It helps to understanding of written English
Using English: http://www.usingenglish.com/glossary/
About.com, Grammar: http://grammar.about.com/od/terms/a/100-Key-GrammaticalTerms.htm
English Plus: http://englishplus.com/grammar/glossary.htm
Oxford Learner's Grammar: Grammar Finder, by John Eastwood, Oxford University
Press, 2005.
Grammar for Writing, by Joyce Cain, Pearson Publishers, 2012. Three levels available.
Rhetorical Grammar, by Martha Kolln and Loretta Gray, Longman Publishers, 2012.
Practicing English Easily
 Find someone to talk to in English
 Join English Club in university or outside
 Find an English girlfriend
 Chat to people around the world (in Eng.)
 Using Internet to learn English
Practicing English Seriously
 Remember 10 new vocabularies everyday
 Reading English Grammars
 Understanding of how to make a sentence
 Read a lot of English Articles (from easy to hard) and
remember the sentence structures or writing pattern.
 Write in English everyday – email, chat, letters
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