For 10th/11th Grade English Students
Site #1
The first source for my classroom is beneficial
for ESL learners, or people who are trying to
learn the English language. I would have this
site posted on my webpage for ESL learners to
go to and practice their English. It includes Daily
exercises in conversation, American Idioms,
English grammar, and slang expressions. I
would have my ESL students visit this site at
least once a week to help them improve on their
English learning.
Site #2
The second source for my classroom is a
website that would assist students with High
School English homework. It contains free
online books, public libraries, poetry, vocabulary
words, grammar guides, writing guides and
more. I think this would be an extremely
valuable resource for all of my students and I
would encourage them to visit it often when
struggling with a piece they are reading or
Site #3
The third source for my classroom is beneficial
for grammar help. I want my students to have
good grammar in the papers and graduate with
a strong knowledge on what good grammar
consists of. This webpage includes
capitalization rules, grammatical errors, and
grammar guides. I think it will really assist my
students when they have questions while writing