Presentation - Achieving Impact 2014

The Platform of European Social NGOs
Making sense of Social Investment
Presentation by Michel Mercadié
member of Social Platform’s Management Committee
NET4SOCIETY International Conference on Achieving Impact - Athens, February 26, 2014
Who is Social Platform
Largest civil society alliance fighting for social justice and participatory
democracy in Europe
 47 pan-European networks of NGOs
Campaigning to ensure that
 EU policies are developed in partnership with the people they affect,
 respecting fundamental rights,
 promoting solidarity, and
 improving lives
Our members represent 2851 national organisations
Social Investment Package (SIP)
February 20, 2013: Framework Communication + additional documents
EC: social investment to strengthen people’s capacities
 alongside social protection and stabilisation of the economy
 “simple, targeted and conditional social investment”
Guidance to member states:
 Increasing sustainability and adequacy of social systems
 Activating and enabling policies
 Investment throughout the individual's life
 use of EU Funds and the ESF in particular as source of social investment
Link to the Europe 2020 social targets and European Semester
Roadmap for implementation
Social Platform assessment of the SIP
SI = provision and use of finance to generate social and economic returns
 address emerging social risks + unmet needs for the well-being of
people and socially cohesive societies
 Social spending is not cost BUT investment
 Opportunity: re-balancing social and economic policies
 Fundamental rights approach
 effectiveness and efficiency
 Conditionality
 Limited Resources EU Funds – national budgets
How to implement the SIP
Full implementation of social investment
 Role of the State as social investor
 Involvement of relevant stakeholders at all levels, in design,
implementation, monitoring and evaluation
 Translation into concrete policies (CSRs)
 Creation of quality employment
Follow-up of the implementation
Our contact information
De Meeûssquare d 18
B-1050 Brussels
T +32 2 511 37 14
Twitter: @social_platform