Perceptual Motor Program - Braitling Primary School

Perceptual Motor Program
At Braitling Primary School
• A Perceptual Motor Programme has children
working through a sequence of experiences to
develop perception and motor outcomes
along with memory training. Under the
direction of an adult, groups of children move
from one station to the next covering a
number of skills and activities that will assist
the child in their early years of learning.
Students learn to work in a group.
Parent involvement is encouraged.
Eye Tracking is important for reading.
Eye hand coordination is important for
writing, reading and for sport!
Eye foot coordination is important.
Being aware of where our body is in a
space is a skill we need to develop.
Being flexible is important.
Listening carefully to and being able to follow a series
of instructions correctly is important.
And we can do all these while having
fun at PMP!
And for older students who may
need help developing these skills,
we have Physio Fitness.