Assignment: Helping Kids Name:

Assignment: Helping Kids
You’ve been asked by a playschool to work with a group of five young (ages 4 – 7) students who seem to
be struggling with their gross motor skills.
Create 3 lessons of 10 minutes each that you would use to work with these kids. You should do some
more research to make sure that you really understand what would help out these children. You can
create a PowerPoint, create a video or come up with some other way to present your material. Make
certain that your work is complete and covers all the required elements.
Required lesson elements:
How would you start?
How would you access their current motor skills?
Assume that you’ve identified two gross motor skills that need more focus. What activities
would you have them do?
What would you have them do to practice the skills at home?
How would you advance each of the three lessons so that the students are practicing what they
know while also working on new skills?