Physical Education Philosophy Statement

Physical Education Philosophy Statement
As educators in the Sioux Falls School District we believe that physical education is an
important part of the total educational program. The physical education program will
provide students with physical activity opportunities both in and out of school through a
differentiated program that fosters a lifetime commitment to physical activity as part of a
healthy lifestyle. Physical education is an important part of a student’s comprehensive,
well-rounded education program and a means of positively impacting life-long health and
well-being. Physical education will also instill students with the knowledge, skills, and
values to make appropriate physical activity choices to integrate exercise into their lives.
We believe that all students K-12 should be provided quality physical education under
the instruction and supervision of a highly qualified physical education teacher. Our
physical education program has the unique opportunity to develop health-related physical
fitness and life-time activities that promote physical competence, cognitive
understanding, and attitudes about physical activity so all students can develop healthy
active lifestyles. High quality physical education enhances the physical, mental, and
social/emotional development of every student and incorporates fitness education and
assessment to help the students understand and improve their physical well-being. In
addition the physical education program plays an essential role in reversing the growing
epidemic of childhood obesity.
Quality physical education programs provide learning experiences for children that meet
the developmental needs of students which helps improve their mental alertness,
academic performance, readiness to learn and enthusiasm for learning.
Each student has the right to experience success in physical education. As a result of
participating in physical education the successful student will have the opportunity to:
1. Demonstrate motor skills and movement patterns to perform a variety of physical
2. Understand movement concepts, principles and tactics as they apply to the
learning and performance of physical activities.
3. Utilize appropriate motor skills, tactics and movement concepts/principles while
participate regularly in physical activity.
4. Achieve and maintain a health enhancing level of physical fitness.
5. Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity
6. Choose physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self expression and/or
social interaction.