Monthly Stormwater Tip – December 2014

Monthly Stormwater Tip – December 2014
Stop That Sheen and Keep Our Rivers Clean (courtesy of the CRC)
Did you know that Americans are responsible for 180 million gallons of used motor oil
escaping into our waterways each year? Even relatively small leaks from improperly
maintained vehicles are collectively polluting our creeks, drinking water, and estuaries.
Oil-contaminated runoff makes its way from roads and driveways into storm drains and
ultimately our streams. Please do your part by checking your cars and equipment
regularly for leaks and have them fixed promptly. Check to see if there are fresh oil
stains on your driveway in the area where you park your car – that’s a sure sign of an oil
leak. If you change your car’s oil yourself, use a drip pan and bring the used motor oil to
a used motor oil drop-off location. Clean up any oil spills you find with absorbent
material, then sweep. Do not hose the area.