Janet Holloway, OFQUAL

The Changing Qualification Landscape
Janet Holloway
21 November 2012
Independent regulator of qualifications in England and
vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland
Policy Objectives – Reform
A levels
Key findings show support for
The principle of higher education engagement with A level
design, however there was less support for universities
“endorsing” each A-level
Students being assessed at the end of each of their first and
second year of study
The removal of January exams and reduced resit opportunities
Increasing synoptic assessment in A levels, allowing students to
integrate and apply their skills, knowledge and understanding
with breadth and depth of studies
Reducing internal assessment.
A levels – next steps
Confirmation of policy on A level structure
Confirmation of arrangements for engagement of HE
Confirmation of timeline and management of implementation
Qualification reform at Key stage 4
DfE Consultation
Reform of qualifications – EBC
Reform of market
Key questions
What is the standard to be set and maintained?
How inclusive are the qualifications to be?
What will the content requirements be?
Qualifications at Key stage 4
Market Reform
Other qualifications
Accountability measures
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