Act Early Waiver

Act Early Waiver
MARCH 6, 2012
Medicaid Waiver
 The Act Early Waiver is a new Medicaid waiver that
was implemented as part of the Children’s System
Redesign in July 2011
 The waiver is designed for children ages 3 through 6
who have Autism Spectrum disorder or significant
maladaptive behaviors
The Act Early waiver has three tiers of eligibility.
 First, the child must meet developmental disability criteria
 diagnosed with a developmental disability
 Have substantial limitations in 3 out of the 7 life skill areas
 Secondly, a child must meet ICF/ID level of care
demonstrated by either a -22 GMI on the SIB-R
or a 50% delay in functional age
 Third, a child must be:
diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder
or have -22 GMI on the SIB-R and a 50% delay in functional age
Parent Participation
 In order to access the Act Early Waiver, the parent is
required to be present and actively participate in at
least 20% of the intervention time provided to the
Evidence Based Practices
Intervention must be based upon evidence-based practice including:
Antecedent Based Interventions
Computer Aided Instruction
Differential Reinforcement
Discrete Trial Training
Functional Behavior Assessment
Functional Communication Training
Naturalistic Intervention
Parent Implemented Intervention
Visual Supports
Peer Mediated Instruction
Picture Exchange Communication
Video Modeling
Pivotal Response Training
Response Interruption/Redirection
Self Management
Social Narratives
Social Skills Groups
Speech Generating Devices
Structured Work Systems
Task Analysis
Time Delay
Operational Information
 Department approves plans for children who are 2 years 9
months through 6 years 9 months.
This allows for 90 day eligibility and plan development process
 The Act Early budget category is $29,300
 The Act Early Waiver does not include a Family Directed
Services option
 Families who do not want to participate in the 20% parent
intervention or who want to family direct can choose the
Children’s DD Waiver
 As of March 1st there are 46 Act Early plans approved by
the Department
Sample Act Early Plan
Questions and Contact Information
 For questions on the Act Early Waiver please email
[email protected]
 For more information on the Children’s Redesign,
please visit:
 Interagency Autism Planning Group representatives:
 Stephanie Perry, Medicaid – [email protected]
 Darcy Neser, FACS – [email protected]
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